Android Camera Apps with Filters

Okay so, in today’s article, I’m going to recommend some camera apps you can install on your Android phone that have really good filters.

These apps are all free and all the links to download them are provided. I’ve also put up some samples with my favorite filter as well.

The samples will not be edited in any form. What you see is what you get. I also want to mention that I took some of the screenshots at night. In the day the cameras looked decent, but I wanted to show you guys how they look like at night.

Now normally, I’m not a person that loves taking pictures (unless my friends are involved), but for you guys, I’ll make an exception.

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With that being said, here’s a list of some Android camera apps that have filters.



This is one of the first camera apps I used on my previous Android phone. It’s simple and has a lot of features.

fun fact, the picture of me in black was taken with this camera app.

It is not just an awesome camera app, but also a good photo editor. For now we’ll talk about the camera, before we talk about its photo editing feature.

By default, PhotoDirector comes with 4 categories of filters (you can download more when you have an internet connection), they are

  • Portrait
  • Food
  • Scenery
  • Artistic.

For me, I prefer the Portrait category. No it doesn’t blur the background, it just adds more light to your face.

In each category, you get 12 to 15 filters. Might take you a while, but you’ll find the ones that work in almost any situation for you.

You can perform minor tweaks like adjusting the brightness with a slider by the right, setting a timer, adding some blur to the photo (I think the blur isn’t really necessary since you can do that in the editor).

You can also set grids before you take the picture (the grids don’t show in the actual picture, they are just guides) and you can include the date of every picture you take, they do show up in the pictures you take.

Besides the timer, you can take pictures by waving, touching anywhere on the screen or just waiting for the app to detect your face. They all work well.

Here is a sample shot using PhotoDirector with the name of the filter I like.

PhotoDirector Photo Day Sample
PhotoDirector Photo Day Sample
PhotoDirector Photo Sample
PhotoDirector Photo Night Sample

I’m using the candy filter in this picture.

Like I said, you also get to edit your pictures with this app. It has features like Instafill (for making your pictures Instagram ready), stickers, texts, frames, color correction etc.

The only thing you’re not getting on this app is video recording. Click here to download PhotoDirector from the Play Store.


bestie icon
bestie icon

Bestie is a camera app that comes with more than 50 filters. If that’s not enough for you, you can also download more from its store.

It has an easy to use interface and one of its best features is the “shake to change lens”.

I can see myself and a lot of people using this feature because sometimes it’s not easy to find the switch to selfie button. I hope I’m not the only one that gets confused when it’s time to switch to the selfie camera.

Stickers are also supported on this camera (you know, with the cat ears and whiskers).

The app has a

  • Night mode
  • Touch to capture
  • Timer
  • Auto capture (this works when you stay still for up to 3 seconds).

Bestie also has its photo editor, the good part about its editor is that, you don’t have to do a bunch of tweaks. You can just allow the app to make the best adjustments for the photo.

If you like the picture, you can save it. If you don’t, you can improve on it or just do it all by yourself.

You can make a lot of modifications using this camera. Skin, Eye Bag, Nose, etc. chances are, you might get lost in the whole process and forget what you even look like.

Yeah, no, that won’t happen.

Bestie Camera Sample
Bestie Camera Night Sample
Bestie Camera Day Sample
Bestie Camera Day Sample

I used the “Zoe” filter in this picture. It’s a bit sharper than that of PhotoDirector.

Click here to download Bestie Camera from the Play Store.


noah camera icon
noah camera icon

“Simple is Beautiful…” Noah camera is one of those cameras that doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of features. Although you have a lot of filters to choose from (over 90 filters), you don’t get to download more.

You can’t edit photos with the app either.

This is just an app that is developed for you to take really nice photos quickly.

After trying this camera at night, I couldn’t find a filter I like, but I can assure you that it works well during the day.

Noah camera day sample
Noah camera day sample

Click here to download Noah camera from the play store.


soda camera icon 1
soda camera icon

Okay, I have been keeping some of you waiting, I know some of you are already interested in camera apps with filters that you can use for video recording. Well, this is one of them.

SODA, is a free app you can download to take really good pictures and videos with.

Since we’re talking about photos today, well, this is one app that will do a lot of magic to your pictures.

You can tweak a lot of things with this camera right before you take the picture. SODA is not one of those cameras that you have to take the picture first before you can edit.

See what you look like before you take the picture and save yourself time when you decide to edit.

You can make your face look slim, increase the length of your jaw, cheekbone, size of your eyes, nose, your smile, etc.

I toyed around with it, went all in and ended up looking like an alien… or at least what we think aliens look like.

Soda camera sample
Soda camera alien at night

Filters are also plenty, you’ll have to download them if you want to use them, though. You’ll also have to download the stickers available, there’s quite a number of them.

Soda camera day sample
Soda camera day sample

SODA is a camera app that you can use for both fun and serious pictures and videos.

Click here to download SODA camera from the Play Store.



B612 is probably one of the best free camera apps out there. It’s not surprising because it was made by the same people that made SODA.

If SODA is your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then B612 is your Note 10 Plus.

With this app, you get all the features of SODA and more, like Story, where you make videos with some effects as well.

You also get the Normal mode for taking photos with tons of filters, Video mode plus music that you can include in the videos and finally, Bounce mode.

The Bounce mode takes a lot of pictures in seconds and converts them to a short video. You’re going to love it.

You can also use the B612 app for editing your videos and pictures. There are a lot of things you can do with its editor.

It’s amazing that this app can be downloaded for free.

B612 camera sample
B612 camera night sample
B612 camera day sample
B612 camera day sample

I think I will be moving from PhotoDirector to B612. It just has to happen.

Click here to download B612 Camera from the Play Store.


selfiecity camera icon
selfiecity camera icon

I don’t remember the last time I tested these many cameras. SelfieCity is a really different app entirely. Now I can’t say if it’s different good or different bad.

Even though I personally feel like not all its features are useful, I’m sure there are some of you who will call me out for not seeing how amazing the app is.

It does have a lot of filters, and you can shoot videos for up to 10 seconds.

For your photos, you can beautify your face by softening the picture and narrowing your jaw. You also get a lot of stickers to choose from.

Reshape is a mode that I can see some people, especially the ladies, using. Just like the name, use this mode to reshape how your body looks before taking a photo.

You can reshape your waist, your legs and head. Now, the only thing that’s wrong with this is you’ll definitely need someone to do that for you.

Let’s say you get someone to do this for you, thing is they probably won’t know how much you want your waist slimmed down. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this.

Not that it’s not a nice feature, it just needs extra hands.

Another mode is Polaroid. You take a photo and the app applies all the filters and settings that it thinks make the picture better looking.

Well, I know Bestie also has the same feature, but with SelfieCity, I haven’t really gotten a “wow, it’s actually really nice, this app means business”, yet.

Now like I said, you guys may use this app and get something entirely different from what I got.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the app, I’m just sharing what I experienced so you won’t feel like there’s something wrong with your phone if it happens to you too.

The other modes include Fisheye and Film Reel. I think both of them can be done with an editor so… oh well.

I really encourage you to try this app guys, because I want to get your feedback on how you like it or not. I know what it’s like to try to make something different and not get the response you were hoping for.

selfiecity camera day sample
selfiecity camera day sample

I’m very sure some of you will absolutely love using this app for taking pictures with filters and stickers.

selfiecity camera sample night
selfiecity camera sample night

Click here to download Selfiecity Camera from the Play Store.


o2cam icon
o2cam icon

I wonder why they decided to call it O2Cam. I mean sure you get a ton of filters and stickers too but I don’t see how they give us Oxygen.

Well, O2Cam is one of those apps that will give you everything you expect from a typical camera app with filters.

You can also shoot videos with it. It can shoot up to 15 seconds. Probably not a lot, but it’s still better than 10 seconds, right?

This application supports beauty mode. With it, you can adjust parts of your face before you take pictures. Adjust your skin, cheeks, eyes and a whole lot more… even eyebrows too.

o2cam camera sample night
o2cam camera sample night

You also get a photo editor here that you can use to improve your pictures even more.

o2cam camera day sample
o2cam camera day sample

It’s a pretty decent camera that doesn’t overwhelm you. Click here to download O2Cam Camera from the Play Store.


beautycam icon
beautycam icon

BeautyCam is one of the apps I think you will find interesting. I opened the app and it immediately scanned my face and knew that I am male.

I haven’t tried it with the face of a female but since I know most of the people that will be reading this are going to be females, you guys can download the app and tell me in the comments if it detected that you’re female.

You will need an internet connection of this to work, though.

Okay, I’m sure you’re starting to like this app now so let’s talk more about it.

When you open the app, you’re going to get 5 options.

  • Slender
  • AI Portrait
  • Beauty Tricks
  • Beautify
  • “Something in Chinese”

I’m sure I don’t have to explain what slender mode is, okay I will a little. Capture a picture of your whole body and adjust your waist, hips etc.

As a guy, I feel weird talking about this.

With the AI Portrait mode, I think it’s better than the Portrait mode on PhotoDirector. Being that it actually needs an internet connection to improve quality of what your face looks like, there’s no doubt that it has to be better.

I tried it and I think you guys will like it as well.

Beauty Tricks is what makes this app stand out from the rest of the apps I’ve mentioned so far. For now, this mode only offers the “Hair Style” feature, but on the app, it is said that more features will be coming.

I tried out the hair style and well, it seems like it only works well if you’re white.

Regardless of that, it did the job. I got a hair style recommended based on what the app thought would be best for me.

I’m not going to show you what I got, you go try it for yourself.

Beautify is the editor mode, tap it and select a picture you want to edit. There are a lot of options to choose from that will make your picture look better than the original.

Finally, the last option written in Chinese just takes you straight to the stickers section. Here you will take pictures with some fun stickers.

Videos can also be shot with this camera. You can shoot videos that are 1-minute-long at maximum.

BeautyCam camera day sample
BeautyCam camera day sample

You get GIF and MovieCam to help you create animated pictures and better shots in low light.

This is one of the cameras I would highly recommend you try.

BeautyCam camera sample
BeautyCam camera night sample

Click here to download BeautyCam Camera from the Play Store.


beautyplus camera icon
beautyplus camera icon

No, I’m not saving the best for last, I’m bringing this one to the bottom of the list because it is not entirely free.

Sure it can be download for free and has some really nice filters as well, but some of the filters require money.

All I can tell you is, it is a pretty decent camera. Even though some of its filters require you to pay, the free ones are actually impressive.

You will be able to take good pictures with them without needing to upgrade.

Beautyplus Camera sample
Beautyplus Camera sample

Videos can be recorded for 2 minutes with this camera. You can also create GIF images with it.

Beautyplus Camera day sample
Beautyplus Camera day sample

Click here to download BeautyPlus camera app from the Play Store.


I really can’t say this was a fun experiment, testing out all these cameras was a bit awkward for me, but hey it’s finally over. Like that exam I wrote.

Well, I hope you’ve been able to find the camera(s) you like. Tell me in the comments the camera app you’re going for.

I personally have been a fan of PhotoDirector for a really long time but after testing these out, I think I’m going to start using B612.

The reason is because I like how it handles night shots. And the features it offers too.

I want to point out something, though.

Although it’s highly unlikely that a lot of people still use phones with cameras less than at least 5 Megapixels, please note that these apps will not magically improve your photos if you have a phone with a poor camera.

Make sure your camera is at least 8 Megapixels, if you want to get some decent photos.

And please understand that for a perfect picture, you need good lighting. Now this is not a photography website, but well, that’s just my tip.

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