Best Web Browsers for Android Devices

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Looking for the best Android Browsers? Well, Android devices have come a long way. With the amount of apps that are out there, it can be really overwhelming to choose one that you want to stick with for specific tasks.

Today, I’m going to suggest 5 browsers you should try, I have personally used them and I want to share my experience with you, both good and bad.

Hopefully after going through this post, you will have an idea of the one you want to stay with. Please be aware that the list is not in a specific order. So, let’s go…

1.  UC Mini browser

ucmini e1543691469327

UPDATE: UC Mini has gotten a major update you can my check out my article on it here.

UC browsers have been around since the days of our little Java phones, I remember back in like 2007 when I had a Java phone, it was my favorite browser.

I have to say the browser has come a long way. I’m starting with this one because the rest of the browsers I will be listing have similar features with it, but I will specify how they differ.


Size: Not to be confused with UC browser, though. This browser is quite light, so it is friendly to those running on phones with low storage.

Speed: it is fast, loads pages quick.

Features: supports a lot of online features such as reCaptcha (never really liked reCaptcha, but we got to prove we’re human). You don’t have to worry about completing most online tasks with this browser as it will definitely deliver.

It has a good downloader which is really nice.

Preloads pages for you, meaning it gets some pages ready before you click them.

Has a really nice night mode which is really good on the eyes for all those that like browsing at night.

You can save a page to read later on.

Has incognito mode for those that have some secret research stuff that could save the world *wink*.

UC mini is what I use whenever I really need to do something fast and light.

2018 12 02 12 02 34 e1543748756742
UC Mini with night mode on


Features: Only problem I have with this browser is that I can’t copy text on the screen on some websites. It used to be a feature but it was removed with updates. Copying text for me now with UC Mini includes taking a screenshot and scanning, but that will be a topic for another day.


Overall, it is a really good browser and I will recommend it to anyone.

Click here to download it on Google Play.

2. Opera Mini browser


Just like UC mini, Opera Mini has been around for a very long time. You can’t mention browsers without mentioning Opera Mini. Downloading and running this browser for the first time on your phone enables the browser to install itself by testing your network, after that, browse all you want.


Size: This lightweight browser comes with really nice features similar to UC mini, only difference between the two is functionality.

Features: Opera Mini is used for really light browsing. I use this browser when I am running low on data, it saves data a lot.

It also comes with an Ad blocking feature and a really good downloader unlike older versions that made you restart failed downloads instead of resuming.

unnameda e1543751714619
Data saving and Ad blocking on Opera Mini

Has a night mode feature which basically just reduces the brightness of your screen and adds a filter as well, not as nice as UC Mini but just okay.


Ads: A lot of apps come with ads and Opera Mini is not an exception. Good thing about this is that the ads can be turned of from the settings options in the app.


I would recommend this browser to those that really want to save data and not do anything heavy on the internet.

Get it on Google Play.

3. Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Material Icon 450x450

With Chrome you know you will be getting a really good experience on the internet because Google always brings us the best

I use Chrome a lot, but, ironically, I prefer it on my laptop. I will tell you why.


Features: Chrome is really fast, loading pages on this browser is not problem. It gives you all those functionalities a typical browser should have and supports a whole lot of websites.

One good thing about this browser is you get to chance to view webpages in Desktop mode if you want. All you have to do is hit the options icon on the top right and hit Desktop site.

2018 12 02 13 22 28 e1543754221720
Option to select desktop mode

Chrome browser also syncs your data to your Google account. This is really nice because when I’m done with surfing on my laptop, I switch over to my phone to see my latest searches appearing on my phone. Thumbs up Google.


Features: Data saving is not that good. I mean this browser wants you to have a great experience, so your data is really going to have to pay for that. If you can afford a lot, then you should be fine.

It can’t be customized that much. When you have something, you want to feel like it shows the kind person you are, this browser doesn’t really offer that.

Size: Takes up a lot of storage space. If you’re using a phone with low storage space and RAM, stay away.


Although this is a really good browser, I would only recommend it to those that are not worried about their data usage and don’t need customization.

It’s a browser that you can install and use without doing too much to change how it looks and feels. And this is why I only use it on my laptop.

Still want it? Go get it.

4. Firefox Browser

I’ve always loved Firefox browsers, I use them on my laptop and on my phones. With Firefox you get to have all the features a typical browser has and even more. It’s very fast and reliable.


Features: You get to customize this browser a lot. Which is really great and easy. All you have to do is get add-ons. I usually recommend getting Adblock Plus to block ads on certain sites (it blocks ads on all sites but I leave a few that don’t eat up my data on the whitelist). You can do the same with uBlock Origin to get a clean browsing experience.

ff e1543775141552
My list of Add-ons for Firefox

You can integrate it with an external downloader. For example, I use IDM+ for downloading while using Firefox on my phone.

Supports desktop view of some websites.

Clearly you can see a picture of Iron Man on the header of the browser in the picture above, well, that’s just one of the many themes available for download.


Size: Also takes up a lot of space. It gets heavy with customizing, because all the themes and add-ons take up a lot of space.

Features: Not good with saving data.


This browser can be used by anyone who loves customizing and also doesn’t really bother about how much of their data is used.

Go download it here.

5. UC Browser

images 2 e1543776378316

Not to be confused with UC Mini. UC Browser is like UC Mini that went to a gym and got buffed. This browser is great because it has all the features its Mini version has and a whole lot more.


Speed: this is also a really fast browser, maybe even faster than its skinny version. You’d have to use it to tell the difference.

Features: comes with a lot of beautiful themes to help you customize.

You can view websites in desktop modes.

This browser comes with its own Ad blocker so don’t worry, you’re covered.

Screenshot 20181202 131909 e1543777204976

Supports animations, unlike the UC Mini.

Helps you manage your clipboards and yes, you can copy texts on screens using this browser.


Size: this browser is not recommended for phones with low storage. UC Mini is better.

Ads: it comes with its own Ads, but they are not too intruding for a free browser.


It is one of the best browsers out there and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to try out a fun browser that gets the job done.

Well guys, I hope now you have a bit of an idea of the browser you want, there’s no perfect browser and in the end, it all depends on who is using what.

If you feel like I have missed a really good browser on the list, please leave a comment and I will check it out and respond.