Budget 10-Inch Tablets Cheaper Than You Think (2020)

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When it comes to tablets, there are a few things you’re going to love about them compared to your normal phones.

A tablet is going to give you features such as a bigger screen and better handling (for gaming, movie watching, sketching etc.)

Most tablets also have bigger batteries compared to normal phones because they have more room for said big batteries.

So, battery life isn’t a problem on most tablets.

Now many tablets don’t come at an affordable price, but today, I am going to be giving you a list of the best budget 10-inch tablets you can get.

They are tablets from popular brands like Samsung, Amazon, ZTE, etc. made for people who don’t want to spend that much but still get the best experience a tablet can offer at an affordable price.

So know you’re only getting the best. With that said, let’s begin.

Overall Best: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

The Tab S6 Lite is simply the best budget 10-inch tablet you can get in 2020. It comes with an S Pen that does a lot more than just sketch, a lot of storage space for your games, music, videos, etc. (128GB and 64GB).

It also comes with a long lasting 7040 mAh battery which supports fast charging, and a fast 2.3 GHz processor and 4GB RAM that makes sure the device doesn’t lag while you work.

To see current price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite on Amazon, click here.

Screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is also impressive, it’s got slim bezels while giving you sharp images.

We’re talking about a 10.4 inch, 1200 x 2000 pixels, TFT capacitive touchscreen. Now this may not be an AMOLED screen but at its price, I don’t see myself complaining.

Only thing I think you may not like about this tablet is, it’s a WiFi only device. You can’t use your SIM card with.

If you want to use a SIM card with your tablet, you can go for a more expensive version of it, check the other tablets included in the list or maybe see my list of the best Samsung devices with a flat screen.

However, the Tab S6 Lite is the only device in this list that has an S Pen. So if you really want the S Pen you should get it.

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

  • The S Pen.
  • Big long lasting battery.
  • Has USB Type-C.
  • Slim bezels.
  • Comes with a headphone jack.
  • Can expand memory by using an SD card.
  • Is fast, you won’t experience lags while gaming or carrying out most activities.
  • Updated with Android 10.

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

  • No SIM card support.
  • Cellular version more expensive.

Best Alternative: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

samsung galaxy tab 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 comes in two models, the WiFi only model and the Cellular + WiFi model.

See current price of WiFi + Cellular model on Amazon or WiFi only price on Amazon.

Both of them have their pros and cons, but just to give you a reason to go for one or the other, just think about this.

Do, you plan on making phone calls with your tablet? If yes, then go for the model that supports that. Else just stick to the WiFi only model.

You will be able to make online calls with the WiFi only model anyways, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be fine.

But be aware that the Cellular + WiFi model is a bit more expensive, it all comes down to what you want either of them for.

You also get a lot of storage options for both models; 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

If you’re going to be downloading a lot of movies and games, I’ll suggest you get the 64GB or 128GB model, else get the 32GB model. But also note that the price gets higher as your storage choice does.

Pros of the Tab 10.1

  • Slim bezels.
  • Modern look.
  • Storage can be expanded with an SD card.
  • Sharp display.
  • 64GB or 128GB gives enough room for media files.
  • Really good battery life.
  • Headphone jack preset for wired headphones.

Cons of the Tab 10.1

  • No stylus

Amazon Fire HD 10

fire hd 10 tablet

This is the next budget tablet on the list. This device comes with a lot of Amazon features such as Alexa, and Amazon products like magazines, movies, books, etc.

Now unlike the Samsung Tab A 10.1, you don’t get cellular features with this device (no SIM card support).

However, you get a nice sharp 1080p display which supports Full HD videos.

And no worries, just because this is an Amazon device doesn’t mean you can’t download Android apps, most apps are supported.

  • Fast 2.0GHz Octa-core processor.
  • Comes with Alexa.
  • Sharp screen.
  • Comes with an Audio Jack for your wired headphones.
  • Can expand memory by using an SD card.

Amazon Fire HD 10 cons.

  • Doesn’t support all Android apps.
  • Cameras not impressive.

Lenovo Tab M10 10.1

lenovo tab m10

One of the best things about this device is that, while having a 10.1-inch screen, you still get really good handling.

This is because the device gives you enough room for you to hold it while carrying out any activity you want.

Yeah, sure thick bezels make the tablet look a little old school, but remember, tablets require both hands, that is of course if you want to use them safely.

Regardless, here are a few pros of the Lenovo Tab M10.

  • Comes with Android 9 Pie.
  • Crisp display.
  • Can expand memory by using an SD card.

While those are really great features the tablet has, here are a few things I don’t like about the device. Might not be a deal breaker for you, though.

  • Cameras aren’t very impressive.

Best Battery: ZTE K92 Primetime

zte k92 primetime

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, this tablet also gives you the option to insert your SIM card in a tablet so you can get features like 4G LTE, make phone calls and everything you can do with your SIM.

However, this is not why the K92 Primetime is on the list.

Besides being a budget device, the ZTE K92 Primetime tablet comes with a 9070mAh battery, this is ideal for long time usage like browsing and gaming etc.

So if battery is your main concern, I would strongly recommend getting the ZTE K92 Primetime tablet.

  • Big battery.
  • Sharp display.
  • Storage can be expanded with an SD card.
  • Fast processor.
  • Supports fast charging.


  • No Android 9 Pie update yet.
  • 2GB of RAM, not ideal for a lot of multitasking.

Best Budget: Vankyo MatrixPad S30

vankyo matrixpad s30

Vankyo may not be a popular brand, but if you’re in the market for a cheap 10-inch tablet you should definitely check this tablet out.

It comes with Android 9 Pie, which fully supports most apps on the play store. You also get 3GB RAM.

Multitasking on this device will be smooth in almost all cases.

Cameras are also good, but not what you get on your normal phones.

Overall, if you’re looking for an up to date tablet, the Vankyo MatrixPad S30 should be one of the devices on your list.

Here are its pros.

  • Sharp display.
  • Good battery.
  • Expandable memory (up to 128GB).
  • Comes with Android 9 Pie.

Cons of the MatrixPad S30.

  • Without SD card, storage option is not ideal.

Best Budget Alternative: Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet

dragon touch

This tablet is among the not so popular ones, some of you may be hearing about it for the first time.

It has similar features as the Vankyo MatrixPad S30, such as the same amount of RAM, screen resolution, USB Type-C etc.

I’m putting this in the list just to say “if you don’t like the Vankyo MatrixPad, check out the Dragon Touch Max10”.

  • Sharp display.
  • Octa core processor with 3GB RAM.
  • Comes with Android 9 Pie.
  • Expandable storage with an SD card (up to 128GB).

Cons of the Dragon Touch Max10.

  • Storage is not ideal without an SD card.

Sumtab 10-Inch Tablet

sumtab 10 inch tablet

This is not just some tab (pun intended) it is one of the cheapest 10-inch tablets you can find today.

It is the cheapest device in today’s list as well and although it’s got its pros and cons, two reasons why I would tell you now that this is a good cheap 10-inch tablet is because it’s got 3GB of RAM and comes with Android 9.0 Pie.

The features mentioned make this tablet good enough in today’s world of tablets.

One of the not so good things about this tablet is its screen. Resolution is low so expect to get a not so sharp display compared to the rest on the list.

Here are the pros of the Sumtab 10-inch tablet:

  • Very cheap.
  • Comes with Android 9 Pie
  • Expandable memory up to 128GB.
  • Good battery.

Cons of Sumtab 10 inch tablet.

  • Display isn’t sharp, due to low resolution.
  • You will have to take out one SIM card if you want to use an SD card.


Well then, we just looked at my list of the best budget tablets you can get today. All the tablets mention are 10 inches above. Nothing lower than that.

Remember, these are budget tablets, so a lot of features will not be available, if you want to see a list of tablets that have some really impressive features, I’ll be making an article about it.

I’ll be talking to you soon.