How to Change or Reset Your Facebook Password on Android

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By the time you’re done reading this article, you would be able to change your Facebook password on your Android phone.

For those of you who don’t know your current Facebook password, as long as you have an active email registered to your Facebook account or a phone number registered to your Facebook account, you’ll be okay.

Now here is a step by step guide how you can change or reset your Facebook password using your Android phone.

How to Change or Reset Facebook Password on Android

Step 1: Open up the Facebook app and tap the Menu icon on the top right (it’s the icon with 3 lines).

1. facebook android menu icon

If you are logged out and don’t remember your password, please go to the next section under Step 7.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy.

2. facebook mobile settings and privacy option

Step 3: Now tap Settings.

3. facebook android settings option

This will show up as the first option under Settings and Privacy.

Step 4: Under the Security section, tap Security and Login.

4. facebook android securtiy and login

Step 5: Tap Change Password.

5. facebook android change password option

Step 6: Fill in the spaces provided with your current password, your new password, finally confirm the new password by typing it in the third space provided.

6. facebook android change password screen

Step 7: Tap Save Changes.

Below are the steps required to get back into your Facebook account if you’ve forgotten your password.

Step 1: Open up the Facebook app and click Forgot Password.

7. facebook android forgot password option

Step 2: Choose your preferred method of getting your Facebook code by selecting your email or phone number and tap Next.

8. facebook android reset password by email
9. facebook android next button on password recovery

Please note that the email or number should be accessible.

Step 3: Copy or memorize the code sent by Facebook via email or SMS and head back to the Facebook App.

10. facebook password recovery email sample

Step 4: Manually input the code in the field provided and tap Next.

11. input code and tap

Step 5: Now input your new password, check Log me out of Facebook everywhere else and tap Next.

12. facebook android input new password and tap

Step 6: For security reasons, log out of all devices by selecting Review Other Devices then tap Continue.

13. facebook android review all other devices

Step 7: Tap Log Out of All Sessions.

14. facebook android log out of all sessions

This will make sure all devices that you may or may not know of will be logged out of your Facebook account (excluding the device you’re currently using).

Step 8: Finally, tap Log Out.

15. facebook android log out of all sessions final step

After carrying out the steps above, your Facebook password should be updated to a new and hopefully more secured one.

Make sure you remember your password, or at least have your updated phone number and email registered to your Facebook account.


Changing your Facebook password is always the right step to take when you suspect that your account is being used somewhere else.

As usual, a video has been provided so you can see a step by step way of doing this with your Android phone.

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