Change Video Player on UC Mini (Android Tutorial)

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  • Post last modified:February 26, 2024
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One of the impressive features of UC Mini, the Android browser is that despite being a lightweight browser, it also doubles as a video player.

While that is a good feature, some people do find it hard to switch from the video player they are used to, to UC Mini’s video player.

The makers of UC Mini understand this, so they give you the option to watch your videos using your favorite video player.

So with that in mind, today, I’ll be showing you how to change the video player when you open videos using UC Mini.

Step 1: Access all your Videos on UC Mini

By default, all the videos downloaded to your phone, with or without UC Mini will be shown in the browser, you just have to access them.

Here’s how to do that.

Step 1: Open the UC Mini app and tap the Menu button.

1 uc mini menu icon

Step 2: Tap My Videos.

2 uc mini my videos icon

You’re probably not going to see all your videos at this point, however, if you tap the icon on the top right, it’s going to bring out all the videos you have on your phone.

3 uc mini show all videos icon

Step 2: Play a Video Using UC Mini

After finding your videos, you’ll have to play one of them. You can do this by tapping on the play button on any of the videos.

4 uc mini video list

While the video plays, you should be on a screen that looks similar to the image below.

5 uc mini video player interface

Step 3: Change Video Player

As your video plays, you should see some icons on the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see them, tap the screen while the video plays to bring them up.

Now follow the steps below to switch the video player to your favorite.

Step 1: Tap the 3 dots you see on the bottom right corner.

6 uc mini video player options icon

Step 2: Among the options that pop up, tap Play With…

7 uc mini video player options

Step 3: Now select the video player you want to play your videos with.

8 list of video players

If you see the Just Once or Always options and you are not sure which to pick, select Just Once.

  • Just Once: you’re only using the app to carry out the activity (play the video) just this one time, next time you want to carry out an activity like this, you’re going to have to choose which app you’ll use.
  • Always: the app you select will always carry out activities like this, you won’t have to choose anymore.

That’s it, you will have successfully changed the video player you’re using when you open videos using the UC Mini app.


UC Mini is a browser that tries to save a lot of space on your phone by being a very useful app. It’s got features that you’ll need 5 different apps for.

Installing many apps will slow your phone down, especially if it’s not one of the flagship phones out there.

So instead of having another app for playing videos, why not have a browser that also works as a video player?

You don’t have to get stuck to UC Mini, you can switch from it to any other video player you have on your phone at anytime.

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