Disable the Volume Buttons on Android (Buttons Remapper Tutorial)

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  • Post last modified:February 26, 2024
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If your volume buttons are acting buggy, or you sometimes notice an increase or decrease and don’t know how it happened, well, it’s probably time to try disabling your volume buttons completely.

That’s what you’re going to learn how to do in this post, step by step.

How to Disable Your Volume Buttons Using Buttons Remapper on Android

Follow the steps below to stop your volume buttons from working on your Android phone.

Step 1: Install the Buttons Remapper app on your Android phone and open it.

1 buttons remapper app on play store

The app is free for disabling your volume buttons and a few other things.

The link above will take you straight to the Google Play Store. When you’re there, tap the Install button, and wait for a while for the app to get downloaded.

Step 2: Tap the switch on the top right of the app.

2 buttons remapper accessibility switch

This is to give the app some permissions to work well with your phone. You’ll get a dialog box with some instructions.

Just tap Continue.

3 continue to accessibility service

After doing this, you’ll see a list of apps that require the accessibility service.

Step 3: In the list of apps you see, tap Buttons remapper to enable accessibility services.

4 accessibility app list

Step 4: Activate the Use service switch and tap OK.

5 activate switch
6 activate accessibility

At this point, you should be back to the app, if you’re not, tap the Back button on your phone.

7 buttons remapper app interface

Step 5: Tap the Plus button on the bottom of the app.

8 buttons remapper add action

Step 6: Now tap Short and Long Press.

9 buttons remapper short and long press option

It’s the first round button you see.

At this point, you’re going to get a few options.

Step 7: Tap the first dropdown list you see and select Volume+.

10 remapper keys
11 select volume up button

The first dropdown options are the list of keys (or buttons) on or connected to your phone.

Selecting any of them means you want to change what they do, which is why we are selecting the Volume+ button, which is the same as the volume up button on your phone.

Step 8: Now tap the second dropdown list and select Do Nothing.

12 remapper action
13 select do nothing

Selecting Do Nothing means you don’t want your phone to do anything when you tap the Volume Up button.

Step 9: Tap OK.

14 tap ok

You should now see a new action for the Volume+ button. The action just shows you that your Volume Up button won’t do anything when you press it.

15 button remapper action added

Now do the same thing from step 5 and when you get to step 7, select Volume-.

Notice the image below showing you that the Volume down button also doesn’t do anything when pushed.

16 volume added

How to Enable Your Volume Buttons Using Buttons Remapper on Android

Now that you’re done disabling your volume buttons, if you want to enable them again all you have to do is delete the actions you’ve created using the Buttons Remapper app.

You don’t have to uninstall the app to enable your volume buttons again.

Alright so here is a simple way to do it.

Step 1: Long press the action you want to delete.

17 tap action

In the image above, I long pressed the Volume Up action.

Step 2: Tap Delete.

You’re not going to get asked if you’re sure you want to delete it. It’s just going to disappear.

Now do the same for the volume down button.

That’s all.

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