How Much Do Tecno Phones Cost?

Tecno has become one of the most popular phone manufacturers lately, it’s no surprise that a lot of people want to get their hands on some of the devices out there.

Now, if you want to know how much a Tecno phone costs, well, here’s a short answer.

As of the month of January, 2020, an average Tecno phone can cost you up to 42,000 Naira. That is around 120 Dollars.

Now, this price is for those Tecno devices that have all the basic features an average phone user will find useful.

Features like 4G, decent dual or more cameras, a fingerprint reader, a nice display, etc. These are things an averagely priced Tecno phone can offer you.

If you go for a phone with a price that is a lot lower than 42,000 Naira, you are going to start seeing a reduction in features.

You might lose 4G, you might get dual or a single camera, the fingerprint reader might be gone, you’ll lose a nice design. You will not have enough room for storing a lot of media files like pictures, videos, music, etc.

This is where you talk about getting phones for people who don’t do anything besides making phone calls and sending text messages. Like a grandma (I’m sure there are some cool grandmas out there that know more than texting and calling).

Now, moving on to the more expensive Tecno phones. Currently, the Phantom 9 is the most expensive Tecno device, it costs around 75,000 Naira.

With devices that cost this much, you will be getting 4G for fast internet, a fingerprint scanner that is on the screen, a very fast processor so you can have a phone that doesn’t hang or freeze.

Lots of room to store all the files and games you wish to have, fantastic cameras and lots more.

So, it all goes down to what you want in a device.

You could be getting a device for yourself, you know yourself and what you want.

If you don’t have time to do anything intensive on your phone, go for the phones in the middle. I’m saying this because you’re probably reading this on a mobile phone, so that means internet is important to you.

I’d have said go for the ones in the lowest price range… no it doesn’t make you a grandma. A big house is not good for just one person, same as having a phone with lots of features is going to be a waste of money you don’t use the features.

If you’re into photography, go for some Tecno devices with really good cameras. If you’re like me that is only interested in gaming, well, go for the Tecno devices with fast processors.

Not just gaming, though, even things like browsing, streaming, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp need phones with good processors so they don’t slow down.

The list goes on.

So, to sum it up, even though you can get a Tecno phone for 42,000 Naira, you are only limiting yourself to what a 42,000 Naira Tecno phone can offer you.

I’m sure I have answered your question. Below is a list of some of the Tecno devices that are worth your money, with their prices included.

You’ll get to see the features the devices will offer you.



tecno phantom 9
tecno phantom 9

Launched in July, 2019, the Phantom 9 is Tecno’s biggest phone yet. The phone offers what you will find in some really expensive premium phones. However, you are only getting a feel of what those kinds of phones can do.

With the Phantom 9, you get a decent battery, really good cameras, a fast processor, and that fingerprint scanner under the display that it is most popular for.

Not going to go into too much details (yeah, I know, details matter). In my opinion, I’ll recommend this phone to those who can afford a phone that will give them a lot of extra features, really good performance and are into photography.

Unlocking your phone by placing your finger on the screen actually is cool.

The Phantom 9 currently costs around 75,000.


tecno camon 12 pro
tecno camon 12 pro

Not too far from the Phantom 9, the Camon 12 Pro is another device by Tecno that can also be great in performance at a lower price.

The selling point here is still that fingerprint scanner that is under the display, but this phone can do a whole lot more than just looking fancy.

You get really good cameras (which is also one of the features of all the Camons), good battery life, a really nice display and a whole lot more.

I would recommend this device to those who are into photography and need a high performing phone.

The only difference between the Camon 12 Pro and the Phantom 9 is the internal storage space. It’s 64GB while the Phantom 9 is 128GB.

The Camon 12 Pro currently costs around 60,000 Naira.


Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus

Although the Pouvoir 3 Plus doesn’t come with a fingerprint scanner on the screen that you can show off to your friends, it does come with a really huge battery at 6,000mAh that will keep you going while others are down.

Photography is not lacking on this device, so expect to take some really decent pictures with its superb cameras.

Performance is good enough but not the best out there. You get enough room to run applications and store files on this device.

I would recommend this device to people who are always on their phone and don’t always want to be stuck to a charging outlet.

It currently costs around 57,000 Naira.


tecno camon 12
tecno camon 12

If you took the Pouvoir 3 Plus and reduced the size of its battery, you would have now made the Camon 12. So congratulations, you are now an innovator.

Anyways, sure we saw the Camon 12 Pro with the fingerprint under the screen, but that’s where it stopped. The Camon 12 doesn’t offer you that.

What you’re getting though is a reasonably good performing phone, just like the Pouvoir 3 Plus, it has a better camera, but that battery is something a lot of people are going to be turned down by if they compare both devices.

Now, I’m not saying the battery on the Camon 12 is not good, in my experience, 4,000mAh battery on a phone is good enough to take you for a day with moderate to heavy usage.

The price of the Camon 12 is currently round 47,000 Naira.


tecno camon 12 air
tecno camon 12 air

Even if you’re not a fan of low-end devices, you have to appreciate the amount of work that is being put into making them look really high quality.

The Camon 12 Air design with the selfie camera on the side, like what you’ll find on the Samsung S10e is a really nice thing to have.

It’s the same design you’ll find on the Infinix S5. No worries, Infinix will have its own article soon.

Before we get sidetracked, I’m guessing this is just Tecno’s way of saying, sure this phone is the cheapest of all of the Camon 12’s but don’t worry, you won’t look cheap with its awesome design.

I think they did a really good job with that.

Now, when it comes to other aspects of the phone, well, I can’t say I’m really impressed, but well, you get what you pay for.

With less than 32GB of internal storage, yYou don’t get enough room for a lot of files. I’ll suggest you get a memory card for all the music, movies and pictures you plan to store on the device.

Besides that, I can say you won’t be missing out on a lot.

The Camon 12 Air currently costs around 42,000 Naira.


tecno spark 4 air
tecno spark 4 air

I’m sure by now it’s obvious to you that Tecno sees “Air” as the another word for “basic”, if any of the Tecno phones have “Air” attached to their name, just know that it isn’t getting great features.

Which is ironic because air is the reason why they still have customers… poor choice of words Tecno lol. Yeah, sure air is light, so… lite should also work.

Anyways, I won’t say much about this device because it doesn’t offer a lot of great features. You’ve got your cameras, your fingerprint scanner, a good enough battery and… that’s pretty much it.

Performance isn’t going to be great with this device. Sure you can use the Facebook and Instagram apps etc. with no problem, but you won’t be able to use a lot of apps at the same time because the amount of RAM is way too low, it’s 2GB.

I’m not even going to mention games. No, don’t think about getting this device if you are really into mobile games.

Some games demand a lot of resources that I’m sure this phone won’t be able to provide.

On the other hand, if you just want to take good pictures and browse the internet with 4G, well by all means, go ahead, the Spark 4 Air will be perfect for that.

The Spark 4 Air currently costs around 33,000 Naira.


tecno spark 4
tecno spark 4

A major difference between the Spark 4 Air and the Spark 4 is the camera. You’re getting 2 cameras on Air version while the main version has 3.

The front camera has also been upgraded by 3MP making it 8MP.

Now with that said, I don’t think you will find anything else that is really worth adding 4,000 Naira to get this device instead of the Air version.

But well, I’m reminded each day that, having a phone with the latest trend is better than having a phone from the past.

Besides an upgrade in cameras, you’re getting a phone that has the same features as its lite model.

The Spark 4 currently costs around 37,000 Naira.


tecno pop 2f
tecno pop 2f

I have been talking a lot about the phones you can find between the top and the middle price range, now let’s go to the bottom of the price range with the POP 2F.

Apparently, you can have a fingerprint scanner on a phone at such a low price.

I’m guessing this will be a good reason why most people will go for this device. But before you get all excited and think you’ve found the best phone at an affordable price, let me tell you what you’re getting.

Chances are, you will like the device even more if it matches your personality or the personality of whom you’re getting this device for.

Okay, so with the POP 2F, you will not get 4G, that means internet speed won’t be very fast.

The phone has only 1GB of RAM, this means you won’t be able to use many apps within a short time before the phone starts slowing down.

It only has a 1.3GHz processor, a single camera at the back of 5MP, that is not going to be really good for photography on a phone.

The front camera is 8MP, I believe that will be good enough for most average phone users.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the battery on this device, it’s just a 2,400mAh battery. Sorry, this is not going to be enough for people who are always on their phone.

Now, if you’re getting this device for someone who just wants to make phones calls and send text messages, fine, this device is perfect.

Otherwise, I would strongly recommend not getting this device even though it costs around 20,000 Naira.


tecno spark 3 pro
tecno spark 3 pro

Well, we just talked about a device you should think really hard about before buying so you don’t end up frustrated, now let’s about a device that even though it came out a while back, it’s still very relevant today.

With the Tecno Spark 3 Pro, you can enjoy 4G internet, decent cameras, a really nicely designed phone and a whole lot more.

The only thing I’ll be worried about is the performance. With 2GB of RAM, you might want to slow down on the amount of apps you’re opening at the same time.

But besides its performance, this is a phone I would recommend to anyone just looking to get a device that they can use day to day.

With around 34,000 Naira, you can get this device.


Tecno Pouvoir 3 air
Tecno Pouvoir 3 air

This device is going to leave you with mixed feelings. For now, let’s get the “bad sides” out of the way so we can focus on the good.

So to start, you’re not going to like the design on this phone, and the other concern with this phone is its performance. It only has 1GB of RAM, which is not good for multitasking.

You might find yourself restarting the device after opening too many apps because it is likely going to start slowing down.

Now for the good side, you’ve got good cameras on the front and back at 8MP, a fingerprint scanner, a really big and long lasting battery at 5,000mAh and 4G for really fast internet.

Well, it’s got really good sides, and some really discouraging sides but if I’d recommend this device, it has to be to those who can’t afford an expensive device but still want a taste of having one of those good phones.

The Pouvoir 3 Air cost around 28,000 Naira.


tecno f1
tecno f1

Remember when we talked about the “grandma phone”, well, you’re looking at it. Well, obviously you don’t have to be a grandma to use this device.

Only reason I’m calling this phone that is because it will not be able to keep up with today’s fast moving world.

Sure it has 3G, but that 2000mAh battery won’t take you anywhere online before you have to charge the phone again. Might as well keep a chair close to where you charge because you’ll find yourself there a lot.

With its cameras, you are not going to be taking high quality pictures so don’t bother. I mean it has a 2MP selfie camera and a 5MP main camera.

However, if you’re not going to be spending your time online a lot, or you don’t see yourself taking pictures a lot anytime soon. Well, the good news is, this phone has a basically attractive design.

You’re only going to be needing the phone for phone calls, might as well look good while you’re at it.

The Tecno F1 costs around 19,000 Naira.


tecno pop 2 plus
tecno pop 2 plus

If the Tecno F1 is a phone you think you can consider getting, here is a better deal, the Pop 2 Plus. For around 25,000 Naira, you get everything the F1 has plus a bigger battery that will last you for days and better cameras.

With a 5,000mAh battery and 5MP and 8MP as your selfie and main camera, this is definitely a better deal.

Now of course this device is still going to have performance issues with its 1GB of RAM, but I doubt you’ll be using it for anything intense.

It’s got 3G too, so, should you need to use the internet at some point, you’re not going to suffer from very slow internet.


How much are Tecno’s Latest Phones?

As of January of 2020, the Phantom 9 and Camon 12 Pro are the latest phones by Tenco. The Phantom 9 costs around 75,000 Naira while the Camon 12 Pro costs around 60,000 Naira.

Which Tecno Phone is the Best?

Although the Phantom 9 seems to be the phone Tecno is pushing out, the Camon 12 Pro is the best. You are going to be getting a good deal for your money with this device.

Which Tecno Phone has the highest battery capacity?

Quite a number of Tecno phones fall between the 4,000mAh to 5,000mAh battery range. When it comes to being affordable and offering a lot of features, the POUVOIR 3 AIR or the POUVOIR 3 PLUS are the phones with a high battery capacity at 5,000mAh and 6,000mAh.

Which Tecno camera is best?

For camera features on a Tecno device, it is best to go for the latest Camon’s. As of January, 2020, the Tecno phones with the best cameras are the Camon 12 Pro and the Phantom 9.


Although this list and prices will be relevant for a while, make sure to check back because prices go down as new devices to are released.

This list will also get updated with more relevant devices while the irrelevant ones will be removed.

If you plan to get a device for yourself, get it based on what you need. If you want to get it for someone else, get them a device that fits their needs.

Having the wrong device can be very frustrating on the long run.

So, if you found this article helpful, please give me a shout in the comments, share it to get the word out. “We don’t want gift of phones that don’t give us what we want because they are cheap”.

I’ll answer any question you have in the comment section.

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This is Shaibu saying thank you for stopping by and as always, stay awesome.

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