How To Change Your Gmail Password On Your Android Phone

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I’ll be showing you how to change your Gmail password on your Android phone. Before we begin, please be aware that changing your Gmail password will automatically change your Google password.

Every Google app you may own will have the same password (Google, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, etc.).

Alright, now that we have that clarified, here’s how you can change your Gmail password on your Android phone.

Let’s begin.

How to Change Your Gmail Password on Android

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Please note that one of the prerequisites for this to work is you need to know what your current password is. If you don’t know it, well, I’ll be showing you how to reset your forgotten password in another post.

If you know your password, you can carry on with the steps below.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open your Gmail App on your Android phone, then head to the top right corner of the app where your logo is and tap it.

If you have multiple accounts on your Gmail app, make sure you’re using the account you want to change the password for, check the email address shown.

If it’s not the account you want to change your password for, select the right account, it should be among the list presented to you.

1 gmail logo on the top right

Step 2: So, while on the right account, tap the Manage Your Google Account Option.

2 manage your google account

Step 3: Now, you will be taken to an entirely different screen, right under your email address, you’ll see a few tabs, swipe it to the left to reveal the Security tab. When you see it, tap it.

3 security option

Step 4: Tap Password.

4 google android password option

Step 5: As I stated earlier, you’re going to need the current password to your Gmail Account if you wish to change the password, this is where you’ll be required to input it.

But if you don’t know your current password, I’ll be telling you how you can reset it.

So, after filling in your password, tap Next.

5 input your current password
6 tap next

Step 6: The screen you’ll see next gives you the option to fill in your new password.

The picture below indicates where to input your new password… which I must add should be difficult for someone to guess and not be the same password you use on any other site.

7 input your new password

Step 7: The screenshot below indicates where you’re to type in the same password you from the image above, this is just a way to make sure you actually remember the password you’re about to start using.

8 confirm the new password

Step 8: Now, that you’ve typed in and confirmed your new password, just tap the Change Password Button.

9 tap change password button

It might take a while or not (depending on your internet speed), but you will be getting a confirmation message letting you know that your password has been changed.

A Few Tips to Keep Your New Password Safe

You’ve just learned how to change your Gmail Password on your Android device.

Although it is recommended that we change our passwords every 30 to 90 days for security reasons, doing this may eventually leave you guessing what your password is.

From the screenshots above you can see that the last time I changed my password was in February. I’ve always followed a 3-month password usage rule (which means I’m late right now).

You don’t have to follow that rule, but here are a few tips that I use that you can follow as well.

  • Don’t use your Gmail password on any other website, if you have, then create a new Gmail password again.
  • Use a combination of numbers, special characters (e.g @, $, >, ?, / ), uppercase letters and lowercase letters when you create a password. An example of a typical password I can recommend is U12%%Jane/.Doe (don’t use this, though).
  • Although using Password Managers can be helpful, I would only recommend you put passwords for accounts you wouldn’t feel too bad if you lost, on them (an example for me is a file sharing website like MEGA). Password Managers get hacked too.
  • Don’t save your passwords on any browser. Some browsers offer to save your passwords so you don’t have to type them in next time you wish to log in. Always refuse that offer. The more you type your passwords, the more you’ll remember them.
  • Whenever you plan to sell or give away your phone, make sure you factory reset it, this will make sure all your passwords are erased from the phone.
  • Don’t input your Google password into any website you go to from an email sent to you.


Changing your Gmail password on your Android phone has been made very easy by Google. Just select the account you want to change it for and follow the easy steps above.

Remember, changing your Gmail password also means changing your Google password and other apps made by Google.

If you have any questions regarding this article, make sure you ask them in the comments.

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