How To Create Exceptions with Do Not Disturb Enabled

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  • Post last modified:April 11, 2023
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There are some days when you just want to stay away from phone calls and text messages, however, you have some people that you don’t mind hearing from.

Maybe, family, a loved one, or a business associate.

Whoever it may be, you can easily make them “special” contacts, so even when your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode when they call you, you’ll know.

If you don’t know what Do Not Disturb mode means, just read the statement below for an overview of it.

Do Not Disturb is a feature on Android you can enable whenever you don’t want to accept phone calls, text messages, etc. While activated, you’re not going to know if your phone rings or gets any kind of notification.

As soon as it is deactivated, all the calls and notifications that have been missed will be displayed.

So that’s just a brief explanation of Do Not Disturb on Android.

To ensure those special people’s phone calls get to you, follow the steps below.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Go to your phone’s settings by swiping the notification panel down and tapping the gear icon.

1 tap settings icon

Step 2: Tap the search bar and type “Do Not Disturb” and select the first option you see.

2. tap the search bar
3 search for do not disturb

Step 3: Activate Do Not Disturb by tapping the switch that says “Do Not Disturb”.

4 to enable do not disturb

Step 4: Next Tap “See all exceptions”.

5 see all

Step 5: Tap “Allow calls” twice.

6 allow calls
7 allow calls again

Step 6: Among the list of options that show up, select “From starred contacts only”.

8 select from starred contacts only

Step 7: Now tap “Starred contacts” to view all the contacts you have on your device.

9 select starred contacts

Step 8: Tap the name of the contact you want to hear from even if you’re on Do Not Disturb and then tap the Star icon you see.

10 choose contact and select the star icon
11 starred contact

Now do the same for all the contacts you want.

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