How to Save Offline Web Pages on Android

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Okay, so today, I’m going to show you how to save offline web pages on Android.

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you use. For this to work, what matters is the browser(s) you use.

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, so I’ll show you how to do it on Chrome before I show you other methods with other browsers.

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With that being said, let’s get to today’s topic: HOW TO SAVE OFFLINE WEB PAGES ON ANDROID.

For now, I’m going to show you how to do this using 3 browsers, Chrome, UC Mini and Opera Mini. In the future, I’ll add more to the list.

So, make sure you have installed any of the browsers below on your phone. I have also included the links so you can download them if you haven’t yet.

Chrome, this is the link:

UC Mini, this is the link:

Opera Mini, this is the link:


When you’re surfing the internet on Chrome and you get to the webpage you wish to save offline, what you need to do is tap the menu button at the top-right corner (it’s the 3 vertical dots).

A list of options will be shown to you. At the top, you’ll see 5 icons.

1 entering chrome menu
2 downloading the page chrome

Tap the one in the middle that looks like an arrow pointing down.

Automatically, this will download the webpage you’re on so you can view it later.

That’s all.

3 saved page on chrome

Next, I’ll show you how to view the offline web pages you saved.


So, you’ve saved a lot of offline web pages on your Chrome browser but now you want to view them because you don’t have internet or for any other reason.

Well, open the Chrome browser and hit the menu button at the top right (the 3 vertical dots).

This time, tap “Downloads”.

1 entering chrome menu

Once you do this, a list of all the web pages you’ve downloaded will be displayed. Tap any of them to open up so you can view.

That is all.

The images below show you the list of saved offline pages I have on my Chrome browser.

And the other shows what it looks like when you open one of the pages.

5 chrome pages
6 saved page opened on chrome


There are two ways to do this, one involves using the Chrome Browser itself, while the other makes use of your phone’s file manager.

First, I’ll show you how to do it using the Chrome Browser.

Once you’re done with a saved web page and don’t need it anymore, you can easily delete it so you can save space on your phone.

To do this, first make sure you’ve exited the saved page you’re viewing (you are no longer viewing the offline page you saved).

When you’re viewing a saved offline web page on Chrome, there is usually an “X” at the top left. Tap it to exit the page.

7 tap

Next, hit the menu icon (the 3 vertic… I think you know by now).

Tap “Downloads”.

The list of offline pages you have should be displayed. By the right side of each web page you’ll find 3 vertical dots (well seems like I just had to say it).

Tap the dots and tap “Delete”.

8 dots to delete
9 delete

This will delete the webpage you’ve saved on Chrome.

You can also tap and hold one icon then select as many pages as you want to delete.

You’ll see two icons on the top-right, select the one on the right (the trashcan icon). And you’ll delete the selected webpages.

The second way, which uses your phone’s file manager is for when you’ve probably uninstalled Chrome but forgot to delete the web pages you saved.

Or some other reason that I can’t think of right now that says “I don’t have access to Chrome”.

Head over to your phone’s File Manager and enter your Internal Storage.

From there look for and tap “Download”.

10 Internal storage
11 internal storage download folder

Now note, if you don’t find any web pages in this folder, it’s likely that you changed the default location for downloaded files on Chrome. Try checking the “Download” folder of your SD card.

Once you find it, you’ll see the list of offline web pages you’ve saved.

From here, all you have to do is tap and hold the file you wish to delete and tap “Delete” when it shows.

That’s all.

13 delete offline page from file manager

Another way you can delete offline web pages on Chrome is by going to your phone’s settings, checking the Chrome app from your list of apps and then clearing the cache files.

Watch the video below, I made it specifically for those people who want to know how to delete offline web pages automatically saved by Chrome.


UC Mini has been my go to browser for a long time now. I wrote an article about how to use the browser a while back but ironically, I didn’t tell you guys how to save offline web pages… my bad.

Well, better late than never.

Okay, so just like how we started with Chrome, you have to get to the web page you want to save for later.

Once you’re on it, tap the menu icon (the 3 horizontal bars at the middle, in the bottom of the screen).

A list of options will be provided to you, just look for the “Briefcase” icon called “Tools” and tap it.

14 uc mini menu icon
15 uc mini tools

A new list of options will be displayed, this time, tap “Save Page”.

That is all, now all the content of the page you’re currently on will be saved to your phone.

Up next, how to view all your saved offline web pages with UC Mini.

16 uc mini save page


With UC Mini, finding saved pages is not very user friendly… or not as easy as Chrome. But wait…

The good thing is once you understand it, it will be easy for you to do it next time you want to.

So, first thing, open the app and tap the menu icon. Tap “Downloads” and at the top of the new screen, you’ll see two options, “Download” and “Files”.

17 uc mini files

Tap “Files”.

You’ll find 4 new icons (if you’re on a tablet, you’ll see all the options). Swipe left on one of the icons to reveal the next list and you’ll see “Webpage” as an item on the list.

18 uc mini swipe left
19 uc mini web page

Tap it and you’ll find your web pages there.

You can tap whichever web page you’re interested in viewing.

20 uc mini select web page


Deleting a saved offline web page on UC Mini is easy once you know how to find the page.

In the previous section of this post, you learnt how to view the saved offline web pages you have on your UC Mini.

Now, once you get to the part where all your web pages have been listed (immediately you tap “Webpage”).

Tap and hold the web page you wish to delete.

When you hold it, a list of options will be shown with the first one being “Delete”, tap it and confirm that you want to delete and it will be gone.

21 uc mini delete by holding

If you wish to delete multiple web pages at once, tap “Manager” at the bottom-right corner, select all the pages you wish to delete by tapping them.

Finally, tap “Delete”, you’ll find it in the middle at the bottom.

22 selected file to delete


I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Opera Mini, but it’s still one of the browsers I would recommend. Especially to those who don’t want to use up all their data when browsing.

Okay so, when you have gotten to the web page you wish to save, tap the menu icon on the top right (3 vertical dots) and then tap “Save For Offline”.

You can rename the web page to something you can easily remember, or not. When you’re done, tap save.

That’s all.

23 opera 3 dots
24 opera save for offline


Opera Mini makes it easy to do this. After you’ve opened the app, tap the “Opera Mini” icon on the bottom right.

Among the list of options you’ll get when you do this, is “Offline Pages”.

25 opera mini menu
26 opera mini view offline pages

Tap it and from there, you can tap the web page you want to view.

27 opera mini view saved page


Once you’ve gotten to the part where all your offline pages are listed to you, by the right, you’ll find 3 vertical dots (just like Chrome).

Tap the dots and tap “Delete”, the web page you selected will be deleted.

28 opera mini menu to delete
29 opera mini delete offline web page

You can also tap and hold the web page you wish to delete and the option to delete it will be shown to you.

For now, there isn’t an easy way to delete Opera Mini’s saved offline pages from a File Manager. Once there is, I’ll let you guys know.

Just stick to deleting the offline pages from the application itself.


You can’t watch YouTube videos that are in the saved page unless you connect to the internet.

Sometimes, you won’t see some pictures on the saved web page. In order to avoid this, make sure you allow the page to be completely loaded before you save it.

What I mean is, make sure every picture on the page is displayed and all the texts are visible.

You don’t need to worry about this if you have a very fast internet connection. Most incomplete pages are caused because of slow internet.

Finally, know that the web pages you save will take up space in your phone’s storage, so try to delete them when you’re done so you don’t have to worry about space.


The ability to save web pages for offline view is a very important feature every browser should have.

Sometimes you may want to save a lot of interesting articles to read later when you have the chance. There can be a million reasons why you’d want to “save it for later”.

In this article, I have talked about how to save web pages on Android using some browsers. More browsers will be added to this list as time goes.

You are free to request how you can do it using the browser you love best and I’ll look into it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, let me know in the comments and I’ll reply as fast as I can.

You can also save this page for later, when you get a different browser but forget the steps… mind blown.