Huawei Mate 20 X Review, Specifications, Price

Hey guys, what is up? So, it hasn’t been a while since I talked about the Mate 20 and now there is a bigger and better Mate 20 X.

With the Mate 20 X, you may end up having to use both hands just to navigate this phone because of how large it is.

Besides, Huawei made this phone with gaming as a really important aspect, so yeah, you will be needing both hands at some point. That’s for the guys that are about to say “but I’ve got really big hands, look at em.”

Hey guys, this is Shaibu from Shu’s Techs and today, I will be reviewing the Huawei Mate 20 X.

Mate 20 X 7

With that being said, let’s get to it.

Key Features

  • EMUI 9.0 with Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • 7.2 inch 1080 x 2244 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Octa-core (2×2.6 GHz Cortex-A76 & 2×1.92 GHz Cortex-A76 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55) CPU
  • Mali-G76 MP10 GPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • 24MP Front Camera and 40MP + 20MP + 8MP Rear Camera
  • 5000mAh non-removable battery
  • Dual Nano SIM


If you have used or read about the design of the Mate 20, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of build.

The Mate 20 X has a front and back glass build. The back however has that vinyl design that makes the phone less slippery (unlike most glass phones) and gives it more grip when held, for a glass built device.

You will not be getting any fingerprint smudges here.

An aluminum frame is also what you’ll be getting here, it is also covered with glass.

Just like the Mate 20, the Mate 20 X is also dust and splash resistant. Being an IP53 rated device, it is not entirely water resistant but it can definitely survive a short drop in water.

With the 20 X, you’re only getting two color options which are Midnight Blue and Phantom Silver.

Mate 20 X 2

I really don’t talk about dimensions and all that when I talk about phones, but I think I’m going to start now.

On the 20 X, you’re getting a height of 174.6mm, width of 85.4mm and 8.2mm thickness.

The weight of the device comes down to 232g.

The Mate 20 X is a really large device, I believe Samsung devices were some of the first to have really large displays and just talking about this phone makes it feel like we’re talking about a Samsung device.

Well, that’s not the case, and before I get completely distracted, let’s come back to the Mate 20 X.

Having a weight of 232g makes the phone feel premium when held. It’s like you could give it to a friend to hold and they’ll be like “whoa, this phone weighs 2 million dollars.”

That’s not the case either, we’ll talk about the price down the road.

Still on the design, you pretty much get some of the same features as the Mate 20.

On the front, is a really huge screen with a Dewdrop Notch, here you get the selfie camera and the earpiece for calls just above it.

Just like the Mate 20, the camera also supports Face Unlock, but you’re only getting 2D unlike the Mate 20 Pro that has a 3D Face Recognition feature.

On the right side of the phone are the Power Button and Volume Buttons. They feel firm and reachable.

The left side has the SIM card and Nano Memory card slot.

On the top of the phone, you find the infrared blaster, a 3.5mm headphone jack (thank God) and a  Stereo Speaker. Weird place to have a speaker right? Wrong.

On the bottom you get the USB Type-C charging port, a regular microphone and the Main Stereo Speaker.

The speakers on the phone are a significant difference between the Mate 20 and the 20 X. Unlike the Mate 20 that has its secondary speaker as the earpiece (for phone calls), which actually makes sound come out a little unbalanced.

The Mate 20 X however has speakers at the top and bottom of the phone. A really impressive improvement on the phone.

On the back of the phone, the “square” stays. The triple camera setup is still here but the LED dual-tone Flash switched position (unless I’m seeing in reverse).

Right under the camera is the Fingerprint Scanner.

The Fingerprint Scanner also has some cool things you can do with it. I’m going to talk about the ones I know of when we get to talk about performance and features.

This is ideally a really good phone in terms of design. As much as I want to, I can’t say it is the best.

What do you guys think about the phone so far, compared to the Mate 20?

I know I haven’t made a Mate 20 Pro review yet, but it’s high time I did. All three phones share some important features and differences that are quite interesting.


What you get here is pretty much a stretched out Mate 20 screen size. The 20 X is really large, with a screen size of 7.2 inches.

That is massive, cause you will get some really cool experience when you’re on it. Be it gaming, streaming YouTube videos etc.

It is an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and one thing about AMOLED screen is you know you’re getting really deep blacks.

The Dewdrop Notch is on this screen, and although it is not intrusive being that the screen is large, you can still cover it with a black bar.

The resolution could have been improved on a bit. Yes images still come out really good, but being that the screen has been stretch out, it shouldn’t have the same resolution as the Mate 20.

The phone has a screen resolution of 1080 x 2244 pixels. You do get some accurate color presentations, sharpness, and crisp displays.

Viewing angles are also very good. And the screen is also protected with Gorilla Glass, I’m not sure about the version, but it can’t be below 5.

Usage outdoors is also very impressive. Under direct sunlight, you will get some awesome visibility as the phone gets as bright as 665 nits in auto mode.

You get a screen to body ratio of 87.6%, that is quite impressive as well. Bezels are quite slim, so it almost seems as if you’re holding a screen.

You could get a Huawei M-Pen for the phone to use if you’re interested in designing or just writing.

If you have used an S Pen (I see I’m slowly talking about Samsung again), you should get the whole concept.

If you haven’t used it before or know about it, well, to sum it up, you pretty much get a pen you could use on the phone for writing, drawing and the likes.

The screen on the Mate 20 X has over 4000 pressure points for using the Stylus with, you have to get the Stylus separately though.

Mate 20 X 4

Something else nice about the screen is the Always On Display Mode. It is a battery saving mode that just shows the time, battery percentage and notifications when the phone is locked. I guess not having a LED notification light is a big deal here.

Well, overall, this is a really impressive screen. Resolution could have been improved a bit, but it doesn’t take away the overall experience.


The 20 X has the same camera specs as the 20 Pro. Being that I haven’t talked about the Mate 20 Pro yet, I’m going to write about it here and when I do get to write about the Mate 20 Pro, I will just come here and get every information I need.

Starting with the Selfie Camera, it is a single 24 Megapixel shooter. Selfie lovers are really going to love this one as it will give them some really detailed shots. It does fixed focusing well.

Images come out really good, with a lot of details. Colors are accurate and you aren’t going to detect noise with this camera.

Recording videos with this camera is also great. You can record videos in 1080p at 30 frames with this camera. Electronic Stabilization is also available here, videos don’t come out jerky even if the phone is in motion.

You can unlock the phone with this camera after it scans your face. Only problem is that it is a 2D scanner so it isn’t that secured.

Someone can just use a picture or video of you here and get into your phone.

I haven’t found a solid report of that happening on the 20 X, but it happens on 2D Face Recognition cameras, so keep that in mind.

If you are concerned with that, it will be best to go for the Mate 20 Pro since it has 3D unlocking capabilities, or you could just deactivate it and stick to a PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint Unlock if you really want the Mate 20 X.

You will be getting a really good experience with the Selfie Camera.

Turning over to the back is where you get the Triple Camera setup. Before we get into details….

Back to the rear camera, what you’re getting here are a 40 Megapixel Main Shooter, a 20 Megapixel Ultrawide Shooter and an 8 Megapixel Telephoto Lens that has a 5x Optical Zoom. There’s a dual-LED dual-tone flash also here.

Let’s talk about the Main Camera.

Mate 20 X 3

The 40 Megapixel Main Shooter also takes wide shots but what you’re really getting is a 10 Megapixel shot, by default.

You can still get to use the whole 40 Megapixel shooter but it may be a little to much. Most social media platforms won’t support that anyway so it is better to just stick to the default.

By default, shots come out really detailed with really good color accuracy and dynamic range.

Activating the Portrait Mode will do the job of separating the subject in focus from the background by making the background somewhat blurry.

Edge detection while using the Portrait Mode is quite good.

It’s not going to be the best if you’re a kind of person that seeks perfection. But overall, it is very good.

Nightshots are also impressive, in dark conditions, the cameras do well even without Nightmode turned ON.

They obviously won’t be as good as daytime shots but you do get some sharp pictures. Color accuracy may not be the best though.

With Nightmode turned on, you will get some really detailed shots in dark conditions. For that to happen though, the phone and the subject have to be very still.

Nightmode shots take about 4 or 5 seconds to be taken. Not all of them will come out accurate, but when they do, they are truly impressive.

The 20 Megapixel Ultrawide shooter is just as good as the Main shooter, but here you will be getting really wide shots that can cover a lot of area.

The 8 Meagpixel Telephoto shooter does the job of giving detailed shots of subjects that have been zoomed in. In other words, subjects from afar still come out detailed with less noise and really good dynamic range.

Thanks to its 5x Zoom capability.

Videos come out really good but lose some quality as you use each of the lenses. You can record really detailed videos in 2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 960fps for slow motion videos.

With the Main Shooter, Electronic Stabilization is quite good, videos come out sharp and detailed. You really won’t get any bad results with this one.

On the 20 Megapixel shooter however, videos come out a little noisy and details are a bit lost. But it is better compared to the 8 Megapixel Telephoto camera.

The Telephoto camera gives really noisy videos and Electronic Stabilization is lost. Videos come out like they have a cold and are shivering to death.

It will be best to shoot videos with the Main Shooter, you will get the best results.

Shooting videos in slow motion is quite impressive, only flaw here is that the phone doesn’t start recording in slow motion until it detects movements, sometimes it works and sometimes the moment will be gone before the recording even starts.

Well, I just wanted to give a quick review of the cameras, if you want more in-depth reviews, you can Google them. But with this, you should have an idea of how the cameras work.

Overall, they are really good, and you will enjoy using them on the Mate 20 X as a daily device.

Features and Performance

On the Mate 20 X, you will be getting some really interesting features. Let’s start with the basics.

When it comes to call clarity, you will be getting pretty decent sounds from the earpiece.

Sounds coming out from the dual speakers at the top and bottom of the phone are super loud, accurate and have a really good dynamic range. Honestly, the speakers on this phone are superb.

Using a pair of Headphones also gives loud audio outputs that are really good and accurate.

The fingerprint sensor is actually really good, scanning takes the blink of an eye. You can also use the fingerprint sensor for swiping. Like, while checking out photos in your gallery, you can just swipe left or right on the sensor to go through the images.

You can also swipe down from the scanner to view your quick switches, from the notification bar at the top.

You might find it weird to do since the phone is quite large and the fingerprint sensor is at a spot where it might be hard to reach (I wasn’t talking to you guys with the large hands, I know it’s easy for you guys).

Face Recognition is also fast and accurate, but like I said earlier, it isn’t that secure.

Split Screen mode is also supported, with it, you can use two apps at a time, one on top and one on the bottom.

That about covers the basic features, now let’s talk Performance.

The Mate 20 X comes with Huawei’s EMUI 9.0 with Android 9.0 (Pie). Not only that you will be getting some of the latest Android Security Patches, but just like most Huawei phones. You will be getting Gesture Navigation.

If you activate Gesture Navigation, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go Home, inwards from both sides of the screen to go Back and finally, swipe up and hold to see your Recent Apps.

Gesture Navigation here is faster than that on the Mate 20.

There’s not just Gesture Navigation, but Knuckle gestures too, with it, you use your knuckles to carry out some actions.

You also get the option to activate the Dark mode feature that gives you a really dark interface on the phone. This is usually good for night time use, but you can still use it anytime.

The Mate 20 X has a HiSilicon Kirin 980 Chipset, an Octa-core CPU (2×2.6 GHz Cortex-A76 & 2×1.92 GHz Cortex-A76 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55), and a Mali-G76 MP10 GPU.

Being a phone that targets Gamers, it is very powerful with the Kirin 980 Chipset. It can almost be compared to the likes of a Snapdragon Chipset.

Handling games is a breeze, the phone tends to heat up a bit, but it’s not as bad as it should be for a normal device with those specs.

This is because Huawei has added a liquid cooling system with a vapor chamber unlike most phones with just copper.

Mate 20 X 6

With that, the phone is expected to cool down better when playing intensive games.

You can improve on the performance from the battery settings. It does work but it will just drain your battery more heat up the phone a little more. Using the normal mode gets the work done anyway.

When playing heavy games, you will experience little to no issues at all, just a smooth gaming experience. You will not experience lags and frame rates will be stable.

Mate 20 X 10 e1549569669109

Having a large screen doesn’t necessarily improve the performance, but it will definitely improve the experience.

No wonder Huawei compared this phone to a Nintendo Switch. What do you guys think?

RAM and Internal Storage

The Mate 20 X gives you 6GB of RAM, enough to handle a lot of multitasking.

With this, games run smooth, switching between apps is fluid and lags seem to be gone.

Internal storage is 128GB, it is good enough to hold a lot of media files such as videos, music, games, documents, pictures, etc. If you wish to expand the Internal storage however, you can, but you may face two issues though.

Firstly, well, this may not be a big issue but you will have to use your SIM 2 slot for the Nano Memory card. This is not be a big deal if you use just one SIM card.

Secondly, the phone only supports a Nano Memory card, they are not everywhere for now, so you will have to stick to the 128GB right now. Eventually they will be and you will be able to expand.

Expanding can be done with a Nano Memory card of up to 256GB.


You are getting a huge battery on this phone. It is a Non-removable 5,000 mAh Li-Po battery.

Of course you’re getting a massive battery, the phone is huge and that gives space for a big battery with a lot of battery life.

With heavy gaming and web browsing, you can use this phone for more than a day without needing to charge.

I don’t even think I need to talk about the light users, you guys will just have to get used to not charging your phone for a long time.

When you eventually get the battery low, charging it is not an issue because the phone supports fast charging.

Charging it to 50% with the charger that comes with the phone takes about 30 minutes, which is very impressive for a battery this huge.

To sum it up, it doesn’t matter how much you use this phone, the battery will not disappoint.

You do not get wireless charging here, though.


For all forms of connectivity, you get 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, WiFi for internet speeds.

You also get Bluetooth V5.0, GPS, NFC, USB 3.1 Type-C and Infrared that turns the phone into a remote control.

You don’t get an FM radio here.


The phone costs around $880.

Please note that prices vary from time to time.


Well, guys, the Mate 20 X is a beast of a phone. If you want a phone that just delivers speed, very good cameras. you should give it a try.

Only problem I see on this phone is the fact that you can’t have a dedicated Memory card slot.

The largeness of the screen can be something to watch out for, if you have really tiny hands, you may have to use both hands to work with this phone. Regardless, I strongly suggest getting a case for it.

Mate 20 X 5

The phone is fantastic, the battery life and the overall performance is just great. I will recommend it to anyone that is interested in getting it.

Love to know what you think about the device in the comment section.

This is Shaibu, signing out.

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