Infinix Hot S3X Review, Details and Price

Hey guys, it’s hours to Christmas. A lot of you are probably busy with preparations and others may not be. Well, I want to wish you all celebrating to have a good one filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Well guys, today I will be talking about the Infinix Hot S3X (you’ll probably be laughing right now if you have a dirty mind. I know I am).

It’s been out for a while (August if I’m correct). Since it’s still relevant at this time, I have to talk about it so you get to know what it offers. With that being said, let’s get to it.

Key Features

  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • 6.2 HD+ inch 1500 x 720 IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
  • Adreno 505
  • 3GB RAM / 4GB RAM
  • 32GB / 64GB Internal Storage
  • 16MP Front Camera and 13MP + 2MP Rear Camera
  • 4000mAh non-removable battery
  • Dual Sim

Design Overview

The first thing anyone will notice about this phone is how large the screen is. 6.2 inches with 1500 x 720 pixels is an impressive look on the HOT S3X.

A notch is placed at the top which improves the look. A lot of phones are using notches now and it works quite well.

Overall design

A front facing camera of 16 Megapixels is placed at the top with a LED flash for quality selfies we love taking.

You get to use the front camera to unlock the phone as well, using Face ID. The camera scans your face and your phone gets unlocked when it confirms you as the owner.

Although it has a really good camera, I really don’t know why it’s not the same or even better than the HOT S3 which is 20 Megapixels. Well, if you don’t care about specifications, it shouldn’t really be a problem. You still get really good pictures either way.

Turning over to the back, you get a vertically placed dual camera setup which is 13 Megapixels + 2 Megapixels with a LED flash just under the camera as well.

A finger print sensor is placed in the middle. Finger print sensors have been accepted really well by a lot of people (even me). Good thing we have to input our PIN (or pattern) after restarting our phones though, else most of us would have forgotten them (lol my memory is quite terrible).

hot s3x camera

Battery and Connectivity

The HOT S3X (man, I can’t stop finding the model of this phone funny) is powered by a 4,000mAh non-removable battery powerful enough to “last long”. Okay, enough puns. Seriously though, it is an impressive battery.

I’ve used phones with 4,000mAh of battery and I can’t complain, since I’m a heavy user.

Light users can use this device for a long time without needing to charge it.

For fast internet, you get 4G LTE. You also get 3G and 2G as well.

Dual micro SIM cards are what you’ll get to use on this phone.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth V4.2 and a USB port for all kinds of connectivity. Everyone expects these from a phone so know that the HOT S3X has got you covered.

Processor and Memory Storage

Coming to the part I love most about phones. The HOT S3X comes with Android 8.1 Oreo OS with Infinx XOS. You’ll get some of the latest security patches from Google and some really nice features Android 8.1 offers.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset with a 1.4GHz Octa-core processor gets all your activities handled on the phone.

For those that like gaming, you will be pleased to know it has an Andreno 505 GPU.

I ALWAYS consider processors when I am getting a new phone and I can’t say I’m super impressed with this one. But yes, the part that it is an octa-core processor is great, at least it’s better than quad-core processors.

Over to the RAM (or RAM’s), you can either go for the 3GB RAM or the 4G RAM. The bigger the better is what I say here (seriously, that was not a pun). For multitasking, you definitely need to go for the 4GB of RAM, but if you’re not going to be doing a lot, best just stick to the 3GB version.

Still on memory, the 3GB version comes with a 32GB internal storage space while the 4GB version comes with 64GB. They are both impressive and you pretty much don’t need to expand. But if you do, you can with an SD card.

The HOT S3X can take an SD card with up to 128GB of storage space. With that, you have the space of a little computer’s hard drive on your phone. You’ll have enough room for your pictures and videos.

infinix hots3x featured image


This where a lot of us get excited or a bit depressed. The Infinix Hot S3X ranges between N65,000 to N67,000 (current prices on Jumia as of 24th December, 2018).


Overall, it’s a really sleek, shiny, fancy looking phone that comes in different colors (Ice blue, Sandstone Black, Grey) and has some good features. I can just say this phone has beauty and brain.

hot s3x colors

Just ensure to protect it with a protective case though, prevent bad things from happening before they do.

So guys, that is it, the HOT S3X for me is a nice phone for regular phone users. It has a really good battery and camera, I believe that’s what a lot of people consider when they want to get new phones.

Maybe you could get one for someone this Christmas *me me me… I’d love a HOT S3X*

Anyways guys, have a very Merry Christmas, stay safe (while having fun of course) and I’ll see you on the next one.

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