IOBit Advanced SystemCare: Easily Optimize Your PC

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When it comes to optimizing your computer, one of the pieces of software I would recommend using is Advanced SystemCare by IOBit.

It’s the software I use for optimizing my laptop.

In this article, you’ll learn all the benefits of the free version. And in a later article, I’ll talk about the paid version and its features.

How To Install Advanced SystemCare

First, you need to download the file, you can click here to get it. From here on, the installation process is easy.

Just double-click the downloaded file and then click install.

vlcsnap 00001

Give the software a few moments to install and then decide if you want to subscribe to the IObit newsletter. You don’t have to do this to use the software.

So I’ll be clicking “No, thanks”

vlcsnap 00002

Next, uncheck the “learn more online” option, if you don’t, it should open up your browser to help you learn more about the software. But I guess that’s why you’re here.

vlcsnap 00003

After that, the software should be fully loaded.

Optimization Methods

The first thing you can do to start optimizing is click the big “scan” button in the middle. After clicking on it, the software is going to take some time to go through your computer.

vlcsnap 00004

It’ll find junk files, outdated drivers, invalid shortcuts, and a lot of other things that just slow your system down.

vlcsnap 00005

After it’s done getting them, you just need to click on the “Fix” button and it will handle all the activities in clearing all the things that slow your system.

vlcsnap 00006
vlcsnap 00007

After it is done, you can click on finish to head back to the main interface so you can do more optimizations.

vlcsnap 00008 1

Speed Up

vlcsnap 00009

The speed up section has five options you can work with. I’ll explain how to use three of those as you can use them straight out of the box.

Turbo Boost

This option takes a look at your RAM and uses artificial intelligence to get rid of programs that are not needed by the computer.

RAM plays a big role in the speed of your computer and if it is filled up, the computer is going to be slow. So, I’ll suggest you turn this option on.

You get 3 modes in this option: work, gaming, and economy mode.

So choose any of them and see how much RAM has been freed up by the software. You can test them from time to time to find the one you like best. For me, it’s work mode.

Startup Optimizer

This option shows you all the programs that automatically run in the background anytime you turn on or restart your computer.

Stopping some of them is essential if you want your computer ready for use after restarting or turning on, faster.

You can choose the programs you want to stop yourself, or you can just allow ASC to select them for you automatically.

I’ll suggest letting it do it for you just so you don’t stop some programs that are necessary to start up on their own.

Real-Time TuneUp

This section gives you 2 options. One of them is free while the other is paid, so I’ll talk about the free one.

Performance monitor gives you a little widget in the top right corner of the screen (you can move it around to where you want).

If you click on it, it’s going to go through the programs currently on your computer’s RAM and get rid of what is not necessary.

I’ve talked about RAM earlier and by now you should know that too many things on the RAM will slow the computer down. Unless you have a lot of RAM installed on the computer.

But even if you do, there are some programs that just don’t need to be running so ASC looks for them and terminates them anytime you click the rocket symbol on the widget.


vlcsnap 00010

In this section, you have 3 more options that should protect your system from harm. The internet may be full of information and fun activities, but it’s also somewhat dangerous if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, you have ASC to help you out with this.

System Protection

This is the anti-virus and firewall section of the software, if you don’t have anti-virus software installed, then ASC will do the job.

But I already have one installed so it’s not going to override it.

You also get an anti-spyware feature here but it cannot be activated on the free version.

Privacy Protection

This is more of a premium feature so I’ll suggest you get the pro version if you want some privacy protection.

Browser Protection

ASC can do things like block ads as you browse the internet with browsers like Chrome. It also protects your emails so you don’t go downloading malicious files.

You can get these options in the free version of the software by just turning on the switches.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I like the ASC software because it is easy to use and very understandable. The first time I ran the software on my laptop, I found around 6GB of junk files that were just taking up space.

They were not from the recycle bin. Just files that have accumulated over time.

I guess the only thing I would change about the software is that it makes you want to download other tools. A lot of them too.

For this, I’ll have one link that opens up in a browser, then I’ll display all the tools there.

Besides that, ASC is easy to use and gets the job done.

Check back soon for the pro features.

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