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Hey guys, what is up? When it comes to Android games, what’s popular now is either PUBG or Asphalt 9. Games are getting very advanced these days and phones need to be very powerful to run them.

Today, I’d like to take us back to some of the old games we started with.

This may bring some of you some old memories and at the same time, for some of you, this may be a list of games to try for the first time.

Some of the games I’ll be talking about are free and some, you’ll have to pay to play. I’ll specify.

They all can be played offline but you will need to use internet the first time you run some of them.

Depending on how good this post does, I may be making a part 2, there are a lot of old really cool games that aren’t part of this list but are still fun to play.

Hey guys, this is Shaibu from Shu’s Techs and today, I’ll be suggesting 8 Android Games that are old but still fun to play.

You can watch the video below or just read on.

With that being said, let’s get to it.

1. Dead Trigger (Free)

Status: Completed?


Dead Trigger is a First Person Shooter (FPS). You play as a guy that survives an outbreak.

In this game, you will be shooting your way through a lot of zombies to carry out a lot of missions. Like most games, the zombies get tougher and harder to kill as you level up in the game.

There are a lot of missions to choose from. One minute you’re delivering packages to a team of scientists, the next minute you are protecting entrances. This is just to name a few.

There are side missions you can also play to level up your character.

You get a wide range of weapons to choose from, it may be overwhelming to stick to a weapon, but in my opinion, the best weapon in the game is the Colt M4.

For those of you that might be interested in playing this game for the first time, the Colt M4 is a weapon you should definitely try if you want to blow the brains out of those zombies.

Although Dead Trigger is a free to play mobile game, you may have to use real money to buy some really nice perks and equipment if you can’t wait getting it for free.

If you’re like me that likes free things (which is totally okay), you can earn money by playing every day for daily rewards, killing zombies to earn cash.

You can also try out the Jackpot the game has as well (I never won anything special from the Jackpot, so I’m not really sure they give you anything good from it lol).

There are other ways of earning money in the game, all it takes is going mad on those thumbs… it is a Madfinger game anyway.

I can’t say there’s anyone I know that has completed this game. After the last main mission, all you get is an unlimited number of side missions. You can call it completed or be like me and just think “completed?”

I’m still waiting to see the credits start rolling.

Click here to Download Dead Trigger.

2. Hitman: Sniper (Paid)

Status: Completed


Hitman: Sniper is a free to play offline mobile game. In it, you play as Agent 47, a really smart and tactical assassin.

Shoot your enemies from a distance, distract guards or lure them to their deaths. You will be carrying out a lot of objectives in this game before taking out your main target.

After taking out the primary target, you get some extra seconds to take out some other significantly dangerous people who threaten our lives in the virtual gaming world, to earn some bonus points.

You earn money, xp and weapon parts as you complete each mission. You can take your time to plan out your approach but you only get about 10 minutes in each mission.

There are lots of weapons to choose from and lots of perks to improve your character with. You will be unlocking them as you get deeper into the game.

What I really like about this game is how you can use the objects in the environment to your advantage, see a guard resting on the glass fence, shot the glass and watch him fall to his death.

Dispose bodies in swimming pools, explode electrical boxes and lamps to set people on fire.

This might make me sound evil but I like how they sometimes run for help while on fire but never make it, makes me laugh every time.

Hitman: Sniper has been played and completed by me and I recommend it to anyone that seeks taking out enemies in a more satisfying and planned out way.

Click here to Download Hitman: Sniper.

3. WWE Immortals (Free)

Status: Not Completed


WWE Immortals takes you outside the ring and into the WWE multiverse. In this game you play as some popular WWE superstars.

You play this game by tapping your screen three times for basic hits, swiping left or right for heavy hits and holding down both thumbs to block.

Sometimes, after 3 basic hits, you get the option to perform a swipe, this will increase the damage done.

Fight your way through a lot of stages with 3 selected superstars. Gain some xp after completing every fight and move to the next stage.

Your opponents get more powerful as you level up (I’m sure you already know that).

You can upgrade each character with really fancy but deadly finishers. To earn money, you can either buy with actual money or just play for some.

Each time you play, you will be using some “energy” on the selected characters, when they are out of energy, you can either take a break from playing, switch characters or refill energy.

I have not completed this game yet, but it is still a really great game you can get lost in. Those swipes can leave you looking crazy sometimes.

Unfortunately this game is no longer available on the play store but you can Download it by clicking here.

4. Reckless Racing 3 (Paid)

Status: Completed


Reckless Racing 3 is a racing game. It is fun to play and it has a lot of levels to complete.

You can buy different cars for different tracks and upgrade them for more speed and handling.

What’s really interesting about this game is how realistic the driving is, the physics is really impressive and the graphics are also really good.

The drifting is what you’ll be more focused on, get it right and drift your way to winning, get it wrong, well, there’s always the restart option.

There are career modes you will be mainly focused on. There’s the GYMKHANA, DRIFT MODE and RECKLESS MASHUP.

I really hate the Gymkhana, just give me something else instead of that. I really suck at it.

Anyway, overall, Reckless Racing 3 is very fun to play and it’s still one of my favorite games so far.

Click here to Download Reckless Racing 3.

5. Limbo (Paid)

Status: Completed


Limbo is a puzzle game. You play as a boy trying to find his way out of a dark world filled with traps and death.

It is calmer compared to the games I’ve listed so far, but don’t let that fool you, sometimes you have to make decisions real quick.

You probably will die a lot. Unless you are really really really good with this game.

Overall, it is a great game and you should try it out.

Click here to Download Limbo.

6. Epoch (Paid)

Status: Completed (Easy Mode).


Epoch is a game that focuses on a robot called “Epoch”. You play by shooting other robots and collecting parts to improve yourself as you find a girl you were built to protect.

The controls in this game are easy and the graphics are impressive. Tap on an enemy to focus your shooting on them, swipe left or right to switch positions.

Swipe down to take cover (swiping down while already in cover reloads your weapon). Swipe up to get out of cover and start shooting (you can also swipe up to jump).

There are so many bosses in this game, sometimes you may find yourself just swiping and tapping randomly because it gets confusing who to focus on, but it’s all part of how fun the game can be.

Taking out a boss rewards you with a great weapon upgrade. You can always switch to the weapon you want, each level has a weapon that helps you in different ways.

You just have to make the right choices… it’s a game though, you can always try again, if you die.

Click here to Download EPOCH.

7. GTA: Vice City (Paid)

Status: Not Completed


GTA Vice City was one of the games I was really excited to play on my phone. The controls may be a little hard to handle at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will definitely enjoy the game.

I really don’t think I need to describe this game because it is really popular, it is one of those games that just sells itself.

Well, in it you play as Tommy Vercetti, an ex-convict that got involved in a drug deal that went wrong.

Tommy vows to his boss to get back all the drugs he lost and kill whoever gets in his way.

There are a lot of missions to play. You can have more than one active mission and there are side missions to choose from as well.

You can roam the free world by running through it or just using a vehicle.

When it comes to combats, you can get firearms, use melee attacks or use explosives on your enemies. All the available weapons in the game can be purchased from firearms dealers you can find in the game.

To earn money, you will have to complete missions or beat up strangers and steal their cash. Careful not to get caught by the police though.

If you get wanted by the cops, you will have to avoid them for a while, there are certain parts of the game you can go to, you will find “stars” that will reduce your wanted level.

Sometimes you won’t get so lucky, and if you get shot by the cops, you will respawn at a local hospital. You will lose all your weapons and some of your cash though.

There are a lot of businesses you can buy in the game, they will continuously generate income for you as you fight your way into building your own empire.

Click here to Download GTA: Vice City.

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

Status: Not Completed.


Asphalt 8 is a racing game that took us by surprise a few years back. It is still popular today and I’m sure it will be for a little longer.

It is a free to download game but you may use real money to purchase some cars and perks in the game.

If you want to earn the free way, well, you can always race to get some cash or play daily for daily rewards.

There are lots of places to race at, missions to complete and a lot of cars to choose from.

What’s special and different from the previous Asphalt games are the flat spins and barrel rolls you can perform with the cars as you race.

You can perform a flat spin by drifting onto a ramp and you can perform a barrel roll by driving off of a curved ramp.

Each time you successfully carry out either of them, you earn Nitro boost.

Nitro helps you go faster.

You can also earn Nitro by wrecking opponents, performing jumps, having a perfect run etc. A perfect run is when you drive for some time without crashing.

There are other modes you can choose from, you can play online with other racers around the world or just play with your friends using the local multiplayer.

It’s been a little close to 6 years since Asphalt 8 was released and to this day, it still remains one of the best games I ever played.

Click here to Download Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Well guys, that is it, I hope you enjoyed the video, I couldn’t record above 360p for now because of lags, but with time, you will be getting 1080p videos from me.

If I missed out on any of your favorite games, let me know in the comments and I will consider making a part 2 for this post.

Until next time guys, play on.