Use the Same App Twice on Android: Parallel Space Tutorial

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  • Post last modified:April 11, 2023
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Parallel Space is an Android app that helps you create an independent copy of every app you have on your Android phone. This way the app can be used as if it is new.

It is like your virtual phone which has its apps, on your phone.

If that sounds confusing, just think of it as using the same app twice on your Android phone.

This can be helpful for many reasons.

One reason I can think of right now (which I also mentioned in the video you can watch if you want to learn how to use the app) is, if you have friends that like using your Facebook app to log in to theirs.

With the Parallel Space app, you can have one Facebook app for you, which is the normal Facebook app among the list of apps on your phone, and one for them, which you’ll be making using the Parallel Space app.

So, here’s how you use the app.

Step 1: Download Parallel Space

Click here to download Parallel Space, the link is going to take you to the Play Store. You also need to download the 64Bit version of the app to improve compatibility with the apps on your phone.

I’ll suggest downloading the 64Bit before the main app.

After downloading them, open the main app (not the 64Bit app).

Step 2: Carry out Initial Settings

There’s not a lot to do here really, after opening the app, you’re going to have to give the app some permissions so it can fully function.

Step 1: First, you’re going to get the Privacy Policy, after reading, tap Agree and Continue.

1 parallel space privacy policy agree

Step 2: Next, the app is going to welcome you, tap the Continue button.

2 continue

Step 3: At this point, the app is going to ask you for 3 permissions. You have to allow all of them for the app to work well.

3 parallel space permission file access
4 parallel space permission phone calls
5 parallel space permission location

If you want to know what the permissions are, check the list below.

  • File Access: so you can be able to download or save files using the duplicate copy of apps.
  • Phone Calls: so certain apps like contact or phone managers can make phone calls.
  • Location: If you use browser apps or any app that wants to know your location e.g. Facebook’s Safety Tool that works using your phone’s location to let others know you are safe.

Step 4: Now tap the Start button on the bottom to start selecting the apps you want to duplicate/clone.

6 parallel space start button

Step 3: Select Apps to Clone

You’re going to get a list of some of the apps on your phone after following the previous steps. Now what you need to do is select the apps you want to clone by tapping them.

7 parallel space app list

You can tell that an app is selected by the blue checkmark on the top right corner of each app.

If you don’t see your app in the list, scroll down and tap the arrow pointing downwards to see more apps.

8 parallel space see more apps

The image above shows the arrow.

After you’re done, tap Add to Parallel Space.

While I was using the app, I selected the Facebook app and the YouTube app, but the app was smart enough to also include Messenger because that’s part of the Facebook app.

9 add to parallel space

If you don’t want an app anymore or accidently selected one (or more), I’ll be showing you how to delete, later.

So after tapping the Add to Parallel Space button, you’re going to see a request by the app that looks like the image below.

10 parallel space extra permission

Go ahead and tap Accept.

Now you’re going to see the list of apps you’ve selected.

To remove an app, tap and hold it for a second or two. You’ll see the delete icon on the top right, drag the app to it then release it.

11 parallel space delete app

Next, tap the Delete button that you see.

Step 4: Open the Cloned Apps

Now that you’re seeing the list of apps you’ve selected, to use any of them, just tap on them.

12 parallel space open app

At this point, you may have to give the 64Bit version of the app some permissions. Go ahead and tap Grant.

13 parallel space 64bit permissions

After that, go ahead and tap ALLOW for every request you see. I already talked about each request earlier.

14 parallel space file permission
15 parallel space phone permission
16 parallel space location permission

The requests may not show up with some apps, this depends on the app you want to clone, some of them may not need this extra request.

After granting all the permissions, the app you want to use will open.

Now you can start using it like a brand new app.

17 facebook app with parallel space

You won’t have to carry out all the steps the next time you want to use any app with Parallel Space. And you can always add new apps to your list of apps.


Being able to duplicate apps comes in handy for many different reasons. Even though Parallel Space is one of the apps I’ll recommend for this, the only problem with it is you can’t have multiple clones with it.

If you need to create multiple clones, then I’ll be showing you how on another article.

However, if you only need one clone, Parallel Space is perfect.

Well, if you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll respond as fast as I can.

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