How to Remove “Google” from the Spacebar on Gboard

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  • Post last modified:April 11, 2023
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If you have an updated version of Google’s keyboard, Gboard on your Android device, chances are you may have noticed the “Google” on the spacebar.

Although I personally don’t mind having it there, a lot of people do. So, today I’m going to show you how to remove it from your spacebar.

In order to remove the “Google” title from your Gboard application, you just need to add a new layout from the Gboard’s language settings and it will be gone.

I’ll be showing a step by step way of doing it. It’s actually pretty easy. So let’s begin.


The first thing to do is open the Gboard application. A list of options will be shown to you.

The image below shows a little circle over the first option, which is Languages. Tap Languages on your phone.


Next, you’ll see the language(s) you currently have on your phone, mine is English (US), whatever yours is, just tap it.

current language

At this stage, you should be seeing a list of layouts for your device, you can tap any of them to download. In my case, I downloaded the Handwriting layout by tapping the little circle next to it.

select layout 1

After that, you should get a “Done” button at the bottom of the screen, tap it and wait for a while for the layout to download.

tap done 1

When that’s done, you can either go back and untick the layout out you just downloaded or leave it. I left it ticked and instead of “Google” being shown on my spacebar, I’m getting “English” instead.

English 1

If you untick it, you won’t see anything written on the spacebar… and that is all.


Probably one of the shortest tutorial I’ve created in a while. Although this works right now, I feel like Google is going to fix this in the future. Probably very soon.

I feel so because I’ve been trying to get the “Google” logo back, but I’ve been unsuccessful, I actually like the logo being there for some reason.

But either way, be rest assured that even if a fix is released, I’ll still find a way to remove it for those of you who don’t want it there on their keyboard.

Unless they do it in a way that it can’t be removed. Check out more tips and tricks by clicking here.