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There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to determine how long Samsung phones last.

Not just Samsung phones, but almost every other smartphone out there.

Factors like:

  • Software updates.
  • Battery lifespan.
  • How careful you are as a user.
  • Application updates etc.

I’ll try not to bore you with all the factors I just listed, but instead, I’ll be talking about 2 Samsung devices that I’ve been using for a very long time. I still have them in my possession so expect pictures, but first, I’ll answer the question.

In a short answer, without considering internal factors like software updates, app compatibility, etc. an average Samsung phone can last more than 7 years.

With internal factors considered, a Samsung phone will last up to 3 years before it starts getting laggy and stops supporting apps that require the latest operating system.

However, this depends on the kind of user you are, if you know how to protect your device, understand app compatibility, etc., you may be looking at a 10-year usage. Yes, most Samsung devices can live that long.

Yes, I know no one wants to use a device for 10 years, when each year there’s some new features on every new phone that gets released.

So, if you’re the “wow, I just cracked my screen… again” type of person, I doubt you will get to 2 years with a Samsung phone, or any phone for that matter.

So, without considering internal factors, it all depends on how you use your device.

Now, as promised, I’m going to be talking to you about 2 Samsung devices, I’ve been using them since 2014. They are the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (not the Note 8 you know now, but the GT-N5100, you can click their links for specifications).

First, I’ll be talking about the Galaxy A5.

The Galaxy A5 after 5 Years

galaxy a5 samsung

Now, I’m not going to take the glory for this device because it is still in a very good shape. My father has been using this phone since the early months of 2015. It’s now 2020 (or at least at the time this post was published).

He got this device after his bad experience with the iPhone 5 and said after switching, he’d not change device again because he felt he “didn’t really understand the point of getting new devices just to make phone calls and send text messages”.

Ok boome…ouch who hit me?

I use the A5 from time to time, to help him install apps and fix minor issues, but well, here are a few things you should know about the device after 5 years of usage.

So, when it comes to what works with this device, I’ll just say everything besides software updates.

Even though he doesn’t ever go online with the device, I’m sure if he did, the phone would only get a Nougat update at most.

Everything else including cameras, screen, etc. works.

Phone doesn’t lag because there aren’t a lot of apps to even think about the phone lagging in the first place.

Battery lasts for 2 days, I mean even though he’s hardly on his phone, the phone has a good enough battery that lasts for a day.

He once had battery issues, but that was fixed before I even got my hands on the phone to see how I could help.

At some point, I had to use the phone almost throughout a day and I remember quite well the phone was at 48% after I was done. This was after the battery was fixed.

So after 5 years, I can say that the Galaxy A5 is still a solid phone in terms of being used for basic activities. As long as you’re not tech savvy, I doubt you’ll feel like you’re missing out on a lot features.

So get a Samsung phone today for yourself or someone else and watch it last for as long as 5 years if you want.

The Galaxy Note 8 after 6 Years

gt n5100 note 8

Now this is may not be a good example because this phablet has gone through a lot. I’ll be telling you what’s wrong with the device and what still works.

I got this device around July of 2014. So at the time of the post, this phone is already 6 years old.

I got it because I was preparing to start college and needed to use a tablet with an S-Pen and boy it was fun when it was new.

Well, here’s what works with the phone right now.

  • Screen.
  • Cameras.
  • S-Pen.
  • Microphone.
  • Speakers.
  • WiFi.
  • Mobile Data and Hotspot.
  • SD Card slot.
  • Headphone Jack.
  • IR Blaster.
  • Proximity Sensor.
  • Every button on the phone.

Here’s what doesn’t work.

  • USB Port.
  • Phone charges but you won’t get the charging icon. I just charge it for a few hours each day.
  • It doesn’t vibrate.
  • Battery is now very bad, can’t last 3 hours of usage.
  • Sometimes the screen flickers when battery is about to die.
  • Can’t get any software update (last update was Android 4.4 KitKat)
  • Can’t install or update apps from the play store.
  • SIM card ejector doesn’t work. I have to manually pull out the SIM card.

I may not be able to tell you about everything that works concerning the Note 8, but I’m sure I covered everything that doesn’t work.

Now this phone has never had a part replaced, screen has never been cracked.

The phone just died one day and the next thing I knew, USB port wasn’t working and slowly everything else stopped working because I tried to fix it myself (always knew I wasn’t very good with hardware).

I’m not sure how long I will be using the Note 8 for, I occasionally use it for voice overs for my YouTube videos (yes, that’s why my audio is currently mediocre, but it works).

The phone doesn’t lag, because all the apps installed are for Android 4.2, recent apps won’t install so I don’t bother.

And all apps have not been updated because I logged out of my Google account on the device. I don’t think it’s safe anymore.

However, with 2GB RAM, I don’t doubt this phone would be able to do heavy work if it could install recent apps.

This is all I have to say about the Note 8.

A Few Words

note 8 and a5

Well, the Galaxy A5 beat the Note 8, but just to let you know, the A5 didn’t go through half of what the Note 8 did.

I’ve rooted the Note 8, used a lot of custom ROMs, changed a lot of things about it that I can’t remember right now so yeah, it went through a lot of changes.

The A5 didn’t go through all of that, barely got internet, only used for making memos, phone calls and sending text messages.

As you can see, the last software update was in 2016, I haven’t had much time to use the phone since college.

Cameras don’t even get used by its owner.

I wouldn’t call this a fair comparison but it’s a good way to let you, the reader, know what may happen to your Samsung phone depending on how you use it.


Well, now you be the judge, do you think a Samsung phone lasts long or not?

Now of course there are people that believe that old devices were built with stronger materials but I’ll strongly disagree with that.

Most devices today come with stronger versions of Gorilla glass, which shields the phones from scratches and prevents shattering when they are dropped.

We also have water resistance on devices, today.

If you’re interested, here is my list of the best water resistant Samsung phones you can get today.

Now with waterproof phones, which most devices come with today, you don’t have to be as careful as we were 6 years ago.

We were afraid of using our phones in the rain. Which is just another reason why I think modern phones would last longer than older phones.

Oh well, this may be a topic for another day.

Well, I’ll love to hear from you, what is the longest you have gone with a smartphone? Let me know in the comments.

If you have any questions about the devices and my experience, please ask me in the comments.

With that said, I will be talking to you next time.

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  1. Ryan

    What will happen if you try to install an app that is not supported by the old A5 will the phone crash and continue to crash where it is unusable now? I would like a phone to last me for atleast 5 years .. for messaging and calls… I can do without my important apps for a couple years.

    1. Shaibu Ibrahim

      The app will not install, and the phone’s not going to crash. It will last you up to 5 years but battery life will slowly decline.

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