How To Spy On Anyone’s WhatsApp Messages on Android

I actually wanted to name this article “How to Make Sure Your WhatsApp Messages Aren’t Being Spied On” but I realized you’ll find it a bit confusing after explaining the steps to take.

Being that I don’t like confusing my readers, today, I am going to show you how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. This way you will understand how to check if you’re being spied on.

Before we begin, I just want you to know that I do not suggest you spy on people’s messages. Like I said, I wanted to make this article about keeping your WhatsApp safe. But I’ll have to show you how everything is done.

This way you can reverse engineer the process and keep your WhatsApp activities safe.

So, with that said, let’s begin.


For this to work, you essentially require 3 things.

  • The target’s phone
  • A phone or computer you own
  • Internet connection.

I’ll be doing this using an Android phone and a laptop (like I said, you can use another phone if you don’t have a computer). Using a laptop is easy for me.

I’m not really sure if iOS devices can do the same, but hey, this is an Android site.

So, if you have all of these, well then, here are the steps to take. You can watch the video below if you want.

Video: How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages on Android

Step 1: On your phone or on your computer, head to The image below is what you’ll see on your computer screen.


Those of you that will be doing this on your Android phones, here’s how you can get to the page in the image above.

If you’re using your computer, just skip the next section.

WhatsApp Web on Android

Clearly, the image below is what you’re going to see when you visit on your Android phone.

2. on android

You will have to get the desktop version of the website if you want to follow along while using your phone. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: tap the Options Icon on your Chrome browser on the top right corner.

3. chrome options icon

Step 2: scroll down a bit and tap Desktop Site.

4. select desktop site

Step 3: wait for a few seconds (or minutes, depends on how fast your phone and internet is), and you will get to the same interface as shown below.

5. on android desktop mode

Now the QR code you can see on the right is what we’ll be using to log into the WhatsApp account of the target.

Scanning the QR Code on WhatsApp Web

Now that you’re on the page (you should visit the website with your device), you will be using your target’s phone to scan the code you can see on the website.

Now we’re going to carry on from step 1.

Step 2: on the target’s phone, tap and open up their WhatsApp app and then tap the Options Icon you see on the top right.

16. whatsapp options icon

Step 3: next, tap WhatsApp Web and this will start up the phone’s camera.

17. whatsapp web

Step 4: now scan the QR Code on your computer or on your Android phone. The image below has the target’s phone on the left and the computer screen with the QR code on the right.

6. scan the code with the android phone

After you have successfully scanned the code, you will be signed into WhatsApp Web on your computer or Android phone and you will be able to see messages received by the target.

But the problem with that is, there’ll be a notification on their phone that lets them know that they are signed in somewhere.

It looks like this.

7. whatsapp web active notification

Now I will be showing you how to get rid of that notification. This is what most people that want to spy on your messages do.

How to Hide WhatsApp Web Is Currently Active Notification on Android

You will be needing the victim’s phone for this. Now take the following steps.

Step 1: open the phone’s Settings and then tap Apps & Notifications.

8. tap settings
9. tap apps and notifications

Step 2: now you need to look for WhatsApp, you may see it among the list of apps that have recently been used, but if you don’t, just tap See All Apps.

10. tap see all apps

Step 3: scroll through the list of apps and then tap WhatsApp when you see it.

11. tap whatsapp

Step 4: after tapping WhatsApp from the list, you’re going to get some options displayed to you. Tap Notifications, it should be the first on the list.

12. tap notifications

Step 5: scroll down until you see Other Notifications and uncheck it.

13. uncheck other notifications

After doing taking the steps above, the notification isn’t going to be displayed again anymore.

However, disabling that won’t stop messages from coming up as notifications. It will only stop the notification that says WhatsApp Web is currently active from coming up.

Now that you know one of the ways your WhatsApp messages could be spied on, it’s time to go back to the main reason why I created this post.

You now know why every step was taken, all you have to do now is make sure you’re not a victim. The next section will cover how to make sure your messages aren’t being monitored.

How to Check if Your WhatsApp Messages are Being Spied On

If you’ve read the earlier sections and understood them, you won’t be having a hard time undoing everything we just did.

Also, you won’t have any issues with what I’ll be telling you to check.

Anyways, here’s how you can get to check if your WhatsApp messages are being spied on.

Step 1: open your WhatsApp application and tap the menu icon on the top right and tap WhatsApp Web.

16. whatsapp options icon 1
17. whatsapp web 1

Step 2: if you see that is says you’re signed into somewhere else, just tap the Log Out from all Other Devices option. This will make sure you’re logged out from devices that are connected to your account.

Step 3: go to your phone’s Settings tap Apps & Notifications, select WhatsApp and tap Notifications.

You want to make sure all the options are checked. Watch the video above or read earlier sections to understand why you have to take this step.


Although there are many other ways your WhatsApp messages could be spied on, for now, this is one of the ways we’re going to be talking about.

You can always ask questions if you’re unsure of anything but please note that I won’t tell you ways to hack or any of that stuff.

I made this post to show you how to keep your messages safe, but for you to understand how it works, I had to show you how your messages are being spied on in the first place.

I’ll be sharing more tutorials on how you can secure your WhatsApp messages in the future.

If you found this helpful, do subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check out other Tutorials I have on the website.

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