How to Turn Off Email Notification Sounds on Android (Step by Step)

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Right, you’re now passed the stage of being excited about receiving emails and now the notification sounds are becoming a burden to you.

Worry not, it’s understandable. Today you’re going to learn how to turn off email notification sounds on your Android phone.

This way, you’re going to see the email notifications whenever you receive emails while with your phone, but as long as you’re not using your phone, you’re not going to know you have email notifications.

So, even if you receive an email while you’re away doing something else, it’s going to be there waiting for you until you access the phone.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing you won’t get bombarded with email notifications sounds.

Sounds good? Well, let’s begin.

Steps to Turn Off Email Notification Sounds on Android

Video: How To Turn Off Email Notification Sounds On Android

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your Android phone and head to the Menu Icon you see on the top-left.

1. menu icon gmail app

Step 2: Tap the Menu Icon and tap Settings.

2. settings option gmail app

Step 3: If you have just one email address, you’re going to see it there. If you have more than one (like in my case), you’re going to repeat the steps for each of them.

Now, tap the email you’re interested in muting notification sounds on.

3. select the email address

For this example, I’ll be stopping all notification sounds on my email address.

Step 4: Tap Notifications and select All. The reason why we’re selecting All is because we want all emails to show up on our notification panel on our phone.

4. tap notifications
5. select all

If you decide to select High Priority Emails, you’re only going to get notified when you receive emails from people (or companies) you’re always communicating with. Those emails you always read etc.

Selecting None means you’re not going to see any notification, unless you open your Gmail app.

So, just to be safe, tap All. This way, you won’t miss any email sent to you.

Step 5: Head back to the list of options and tap Inbox Notifications.

6. tap inbox notifications

Step 6: Here, uncheck Notify for Every Message.

7. notify for every message uncheck

To be honest, I’m not really sure why this option is here, because the next step also has something similar. But well, we want to make sure those sounds are completely terminated, so just uncheck the option.

Step 7: Tap Manage Notifications and tap Behavior.

8. manage notifications
9. Tap Behavior

Final Step: Now tap Show Silently.

10. tap show silently

There are other options as well, we’re choosing Show Silently to make sure the notifications get shown without any sound. I mean, it’s self-explanatory.

If you select the forth option, you’re not going to get a notification sound or an icon on your notification panel.

You’ll always have to open your Gmail app before you can see your new emails.

In my opinion, that’s not ideal. You can easily swipe away emails you’re not interested in reading from your notification panel.

Well, that’s all I can say for now on how you can turn off your email sound notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off app notification sounds?

A really simple way to do this is by going to your Phone’s Settings, accessing all your apps (by tapping Apps & Notifications in most cases), selecting the app you’re interested in turning off notifications for, tapping Notifications and then switching off Show Notifications.

How do I get rid of notifications sounds on Android?

You can do this by heading to your Phone’s Settings, selecting Sound and changing the Default notification sound to None.

Turning off notification sounds means you’re not going to know if you receive text messages, Facebook messages, etc. I would recommend turning off notifications for individual apps you don’t want notifications from.


So, I just explained how you can turn off email notification sounds on your Android phone. You can watch the video above if you’re having problems understanding article.

Remember, if you have many emails connected to your Gmail app, you’ll have to repeat the process for each of them.

Whenever you feel like you want the sounds again, you can undo everything we did.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments and I’ll try to update you on how you can achieve what you want.

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